Editor in Chief & President: Anika Arora Seth

Publisher: Sophie Wang

Print Managing Editors: Evan Gorelick, Sophie Sonnenfeld

Multimedia Managing Editor: Collyn Robinson

Managing Board

The Managing Board is led by the five-person Management team and oversees all newsroom operations. 

Arts Editors: Paloma Vigil, Brian Zhang

Audience Editors: Janalie Cobb, Ellie Park, Molly Reinmann

Chief of Finance: Po Eic Quah

Chief of Operations: Charlotte Hughes

City Editors: Nathaniel Rosenberg, Khuan-Yu Hall

Copy Editors: Laila Delpuppo Messari, Maria Giacoman Lozano, Tristan Hernandez, Josie Jahng, Hailey O’Connor, Alex Ori, Victoria Siebor, Michael Willen

Data Directors: Owen Tucker-Smith

Editorial Column Editor: Pradz Sapre

Illustrations Editors: Michelle Foley

Internal Affairs Director: Abigail Sylvor Greenberg

Investigations Editors: Sadie Bograd, Ines Chomnalez

Magazine Editors in Chief: Gavin Guerrette, Audrey Kolker

Opinion Editors: Isa Dominguez, Michael Ndubisi

Photography Editors: Chloe Edwards, Samad Hakani, Christina Lee, Ellie Park, Michael Paz

Podcasts Editors: Georgiana Grinstaff, Mia Osuna, Suraj Singareddy, Nick Vilay

Production & Design Editors: Beril Birlik, Richard Chen, Evelyn Jiang, Laura Ospina, Jane Park, Yash Wadwekar

Public Editor: Dante Motley

Science & Technology Editors: Giri Viswanathan, Adam McPhail

Sports Editors: Betsy Good, Spencer King

Technology Directors: Joshua Chang, Tiger Wang

University Editors: Sarah Cook, Miranda Wollen

WKND Editors: Abby Asmuth, Lizzie Conklin, Anabel Moore, Zoë Halaban

YTV Editors: Olivia Cevasco, Nydia del Carmen, Max Sternlicht


The Yale Daily News staff includes beat reporters for A-section written desks, multimedia staffers across the News and business-minded individuals who keep News operations afloat. 

Check back for an updated list of staffers this school year. 


The News is grateful for financial, legal and general advisory support from the Yale Daily News Foundation, a nonprofit composed of News alumni and led by an Executive Committee. More information about the Foundation is available at the News’ donation page here

A subset of Foundation members also serve as active Alumni Advisors, offering the Managing Board guidance on critical stories and nuanced newsroom dynamics. Given the specific context of campus journalism, the News supplements their mentorship with input from non-Yale-affiliated trauma counselors and mental health experts in order to ensure our coverage is as productive and conscious as possible.