Audrey Kolker
Audrey Kolker is the co-editor-in-chief of the Yale Daily News Magazine. She is a junior majoring in English.
INTERVIEW: Lyle & Ophelia & Betty & Dupree

    YDN Magazine Co-Editor-in-Chief and amateur bird appreciator Audrey Kolker ʼ25 talks to banjoist and bird owner Lyle Griggs ʼ25 about ducks.    AK: […]

COLUMN: College is a Joke

They are everywhere.  By “they” I mean the bells—at least if you’re walking, eating, or hoping to nap within a quarter mile of Harkness Tower. But I also mean the perpetrators of the pealing: the Guild of Carillonneurs.

College is a Joke: Who are the funniest people on Yale’s campus?

Jack Moffatt ‘25 is kind of tall, but he won’t say how tall. His hair is curly. His glasses are glasses. He can jump pretty […]

POETRY: Crickets

for Aaron   Did some Googling: The crickets we hate are two hundred million years older than we are  and they invented music By “we” […]

NONFICTION: Tor Olsson’s Reputation Precedes Him

The Legend of Barefoot Kid crosses state lines two weeks into the school year, when my friend Lila calls to tell me about the insane […]

FICTION: Eighteen

I thought it was a joke when Tyler told me he wanted to get married, so I laughed — a real loud, full belly cackle […]

Yale’s Timmy T Takes

It’s Timothée Chalamet’s World — And I Wish I Wasn’t Living In It By Audrey Kolker   Maybe it’s all two minutes and 33 seconds […]