The YDN Foundation is a tax-exempt charitable organization founded more than 40 years ago to support the Yale Daily News and help it fulfill its dual mission of training journalists and providing vital news and information to the Yale community.

Grants from the Foundation provide essential assistance to the News in many areas, including:

-Upkeep and renovations of the Briton Hadden Memorial Building;
-Periodic upgrades of the News’ computers, software, and technology;
-The YDN Foundation Summer Fellowship program, which provides financial support to students on low paying summer journalism internships; and
-The News’ annual summer program to train local high school students.

In 2016 the Foundation launched a major new initiative, the YDN Foundation Stipend Program, designed to make the News experience more accessible to students on financial aid. Under the program, News editors and beat reporters on financial aid can receive stipends from the Foundation that reduce or eliminate the need for campus jobs to satisfy University in-term earnings requirements and allow them to dedicate more time and energy to the News. This program is young and in need of support.

The YDN Foundation depends on the generosity of alumni and friends and is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity. Contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible as permitted by law.  To make a donation to the Foundation and support the Yale Daily News, please click here: