Adam McPhail
Adam McPhail is a SciTech editor at the Yale Daily News. Previously, he wrote for the City, University and Arts desks. Originally from Rochester, MN, he is a junior in Trumbull College majoring in the Humanities.
Faculty divided over University response to divestment protests and student arrests

Faculty members composed two separate letters criticizing the University’s response to pro-Palestine protests: one criticizing Monday’s arrests, and another urging the University to respond more aggressively to protect Jewish students.

State permits Yale New Haven Health System to acquire Prospect hospitals

The Connecticut Office of Health Strategy established conditions for YNHHS to begin finalizing the terms of its long-awaited acquisition of three state hospitals.

Government officials celebrate opening of Peabody Museum

Mayor Elicker and Superintendent Madeline Negrón emphasized the importance of the museum’s new free entrance and expressed optimism about the collaboration between the Peabody, New Haven Public Schools and the larger New Haven community.

“Trick Mirrors”: Trumbull students host experimental joint piano and poetry concert

On Tuesday, Elisabetta Formenton ’25 and Sarah Feng ’25 performed a 45 minute experimental piano and poetry concert where audience members created their own art in conversation with the music and poetry created by the performers.

Connecticut lawmakers unanimously pass bill to cut 25 cent gas tax

House Bill 5501 suspends the state’s excise tax on gasoline from April 1 to June 30. The legislation also suspends bus fare fees and creates an additional sales tax holiday.

Indigenous writers share readings and conversation

The writers read aloud their own excerpts and discussed the experience and hardships of being a Native American writer.

New Haven Public Schools board votes to continue mask mandate

Board members unanimously assented to continuing to require masks for students and staff.

Food, vaccines and medical supplies distributed at second annual Black History Month dinner distribution

On Feb. 23, the New Haven Youth and Recreation Department handed out meals, masks, COVID-19 tests, vaccines and other supplies on the New Haven Green.

Students present research detailing Yale’s history with slavery

At a Beinecke event on Monday, Miguel Ceballo-Countryman, Patrick Hayes and Mackenzie Hawkins each shared research they conducted as part of their fall “Slavery, Race and Yale” seminar.

Alumnus awarded $500,000 for music education program

The Heartbeat Music Project, which provides music education to Navajo students, is the recipient of the Lewis Prize for Music Accelerator Award

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Four Yale Students awarded Schwarzman scholarship

Two seniors and two alumni will study at Tsinghua University in a program designed to educate future leaders on Chinese history, politics and culture.