Abigail Sylvor Greenberg
Staff Reporter
Abigail Sylvor Greenberg is the editor-in-chief of the Yale Daily News Magazine. Hailing from New York, she is a Pierson sophomore majoring in English.
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Welcome to the “Objects of Affection” Issue

This abbreviated special issue of the Yale Daily News Magazine is organized around the theme “Objects of Affection”.  Through reported writing, creative nonfiction, poetry, and an audio essay, the issue explores the ways relations of having and being had can animate and complicate our lives.

The Wallace Prize: 2023 Guidelines

The Wallace Prize is the most prestigious independently awarded undergraduate writing prize for fiction and nonfiction at Yale. Winners will receive a substantial cash prize, […]

POETRY: Sonnet (Exegesis)

A critic at The New York Times, referencing another critic, has dubbed this era A “no-context context.” It’s because of “semiotics” and Lil Nas X […]

INSIGHT: Reorienting Directed Studies

On Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2021, a group of Yale undergraduates and a smattering of professors filed into desks in a classroom in Yale’s new Humanities […]

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