Brian Zhang
Staff Reporter
Brian Zhang covers student life for the University desk, and previously housing and homelessness for the City desk. He is a sophomore in Davenport College.
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An “uplifting sisterhood”: Kaylin Mahal Smith ’25 talks pageantry and 2022 National Competitions

For Kaylin Mahal Smith ’25 and other contestants at last week’s National American Miss National Competition, the stage was a place of love, personal growth and inspiring stories.

Is the COVID-19 pandemic over? Yale experts weigh in

Affiliates at the Yale School of Public Health and political science department discuss whether the COVID-19 pandemic is truly over.

Journalist Rebecca Nagle discusses threats to the ICWA at Pierson College Tea

On Nov. 15, Rebecca Nagle, journalist and creator of the podcast “This Land,” spoke at a Pierson College tea about the ongoing threat to the Indian Child Welfare Act and media representations of Indigenous narratives.

University quietly removes meal voucher program for FGLI students staying on campus for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving break meal vouchers will no longer be provided for students on financial aid who are staying on campus.

“A space for Indigenous hope”: Student podcast seeks to change media representation of Indigenous narratives

Sunni Parisien ’25 is recharting the way media organizations approach Indigenous stories by centralizing diversity, imagination and changemaking.

Yale first Ivy to issue statement of solidarity with Iranian protestors

University President Peter Salovey condemned the Iranian government crackdowns on Nov. 9 in light of ongoing protests and heavy outcry from students and faculty.

FGLI student advocates pilot calculator loan program

A new YFAM program launched on Oct. 9 lends out calculators to students in need, aiming to decrease academic costs that students often describe as burdensome — a problem particularly acute in STEM courses.

What to know about accessing health services at Yale

Current Health Services and Insurance Plans Available to Students at Yale Health

Students bemoan laundry room conditions

The Yale College Council’s push for free laundry comes against the backdrop of heightened student concerns over the cleanliness and accessibility of campus laundry rooms.

Cox lawyer Ben Crump speaks at School of Medicine event alongside other activists

The Change Talks series introduces students to key figures in the modern civil rights movement while giving them the opportunity to jumpstart their own activism stories.

MENA students celebrate new space and push for more representation

The celebration on Oct. 28 marked a milestone in the group’s journey towards a more established campus presence. Students say they will continue to advocate for a larger space.