Pradz Sapre
Staff Columnist
Pradz Sapre is a sophomore in Benjamin Franklin college. His column, titled ‘Growing pains’, runs every other Monday.
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SAPRE: To all who came before

To all the first years that came before, Welcome to the beginning of the rest of your life. The phrase “rest of your life” probably […]

SAPRE: For provocation’s sake

I have a big problem and her name is Elise. You may ask me who Elise is, but I cannot tell you the answer. She […]

SAPRE: Living all the Yales

I have always been a staunch believer in precious freedom.  If someone told me that my actions were pre-ordained by some invisible puppeteer, tucked away […]

SAPRE: Preserving my memory

I’ve often been told that I have a good memory.  It all started in middle school, when I first discovered the joys of compiling a […]

SAPRE: Our manifold realisms

Much has been made of the -ics and their various -isms in the past few centuries. The romantics had their romanticism, the rational-ics with their […]

SAPRE: In Jeopardy!

My winter break in Florida was marked by the most unusual of traditions.  Instead of a daily visit to the key lime pie factory or […]

SAPRE: Give us back our lives

The defining characteristic of our current pandemic is perhaps its crushing circularity. Diseases crash through a population in waves; cities and countries open and shut […]

SAPRE: Sad songs say so much

I spent Saturday morning perched on the couch in my common room, listening to my “sad music” playlist. When Spotify rolled around to Everybody Hurts […]

SAPRE: The wisdom of platitudes

Any good writer knows that the cardinal rule of writing is to eschew platitudes.  Budding writers, from a young age, are trained in the ways […]

SAPRE: Apropos of crapshoots

Two years ago, on the first of November, I sat at the dinner table with my parents and toasted to the culmination of 17 years […]

SAPRE: The wind beneath our wings

My childhood obsession with chocolate started with Munch chocolate bars. Violently tearing open the striking purple wrapper, gently biting into the fragile, flaky chocolate shell, […]