Sophie Sonnenfeld
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Sophie Sonnenfeld covers cops and courts. She is a first-year in Branford College majoring in anthropology.
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Amid calls to dismantle, YPD to press on with reforms

Mirroring nationwide movements to defund law enforcement agencies, students called on the University to defund, dissolve and disarm the Yale Police Department. Their demands were […]

Graduating seniors catch historic comebacks at Yale-Harvard Games

With just 22 seconds left, The Game was suddenly Harvard’s. Graduating Yale seniors lost their final Yale-Harvard game in November but basked in the school […]

Acting New Haven Police Chief Renee Dominguez asked to step down by state judge, accused of illegally occupying role

A judge ordered NHPD Acting Chief Renee Dominguez to vacate her role in accordance with the city charter following a lawsuit brought against her.

State trooper arrested for shooting death of Mubarak Soulemane

Following two years of protests and calls for justice for the shooting, State Trooper Brian North was arrested Tuesday night for killing Mubarak Soulemane.

New Haven police officer fired

The Board of Police Commissioners voted unanimously to fire NHPD Officer Kenroy Taylor.

Police respond to person shot outside Yale New Haven Hospital

he Yale Police Department alerted the University community to avoid the area as it closed off York Street and South Frontage Road to investigate the shooting.

Judge grants Qinxuan Pan another two months to review evidence

Fourteen months after he allegedly shot and killed Yale grad student Kevin Jiang, Qinxuan Pan got another two months to review the evidence pointing to him as the murderer.

YPD posts $10,000 reward for leads in Anton Sovetov case

YPD announced a reward for any information on Yale employee Anton Sovetov’s disappearance Thursday, nearly two months after he was last heard from.

Mayor announces application opening for New Haven Police Chief position 

On Wednesday, Mayor Justin Elicker and City Chief Administrative Officer Regina Rush-Kittle announced opportunities for public input on the NHPD chief search process and the official opening of the application for the role.

Fallen NHPD officer commemorated with plaque at department HQ

Officer Diane Gonzalez, who died in January from injuries sustained during an on-duty crash, was honored in a ceremony Tuesday afternoon.

Anton Sovetov’s disappearance remains a mystery

Little information has been shared with the public, including video footage of Anton Sovetov along Chapel Street where he was last seen before going missing in early February