Abby Asmuth
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Abby Asmuth edits for the WKND desk. She previously wrote WKND cultural reviews and personal essays. Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, she is a sophomore in Jonathan Edwards majoring in English.
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A Guide to Yale Theater

When I came to Yale, I wasn’t sure I wanted to be a “theater kid.” My Yale College Arts page — LinkedIn for the theater […]

Love is Blind: Infatuation with a Faulty Premise

When a car crashes, you can’t look away. When a fuschia pink Lamborghini Aventador SVJ speeds off the highway, crashes into a ditch, catches fire […]

Nostalgia Rankings: Disney Princess Movies

When I was a kid, for six straight months, I dressed as “Ariel Pink” (what I used to call Ariel in her pink dress from […]

Yale’s Motion Pictures are Moving Again

While Meacham thinks film at Yale has made major strides in the past few years, he notes there is still progress left to be made to give Yale, “that flourishing, unified film culture that a place like this really deserves.”  Achieving this goal requires more centralization, cohesion, and funding.

Naughty or Nice

The holiday season is upon us. The New Haven tree is lit, and finals loom like the Grinch waiting to steal Christmas. Students trudge through […]

Penguin Random House India chief talks South Asian Literature

Manasi Subramaniam, editor-in-chief of Penguin Random House India and a 2022 Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellow, spoke at Luce Hall about the past, present and future of South Asian fiction.

Friends with the Enemy

“call me ASAP.” Kate’s text comes in on July 7, 2022, 7:54 p.m. When we start the FaceTime call, Kate greets me with a wide, […]