DATA: Survey suggests Yalies support affirmative action at rates slightly higher than national average

In a News survey, 67 percent of 360 Yale students, staff and faculty expressed support for race-conscious admissions, compared to roughly 60 percent of Americans per national polls.

DATA: Yale’s Most Popular Courses

In the third installment of a project last seen in the spring of 2020, the News analyzed the classes that are the most shopped and trending day to day.

Race and rank in Yale faculty

A closer look at the demographics and tenure status of Yale faculty members

The front of Sterling Library from Cross Campus.
How Yale talked about COVID-19

The words administrators and HOCs used to talk to students about the pandemic

As pandemic continues, cheating gains speed

The News conducted a survey of Yale undergraduates that showed approximately 50 percent of those who committed academic dishonesty did so for the first time during the virtual learning semesters.

Survey reveals Yale College’s alcohol preferences

In a recent survey, the News analyzed how Yale College students’ drinking habits have been affected by COVID-19.

Large donations from Yale faculty went almost exclusively to Democratic-affiliated candidates and groups

Of all donation recipients, the Biden campaign received the largest sum from Yale faculty — $169,390.

Fall 2020: More than half of Yalies consider time off if classes go online

The News surveyed Yale College students from the classes of 2021 through 2023 about their opinions regarding online learning.

Yale faculty skews liberal, survey shows

Sometimes criticized as an Ivy League echo chamber, Yale is home to three times as many politically liberal faculty members as conservatives and centrists, according to a recent News survey.

Grade inflation abounds, faculty say

If there is one thing that Yale faculty members agree on, it’s that getting an A at Yale is too easy.

Gentrification in New Haven, 2000-2014

Every year, the U.S. Census Bureau releases an American Community Survey, allowing us to take a closer look at where, and how, the demographics of […]