KIM: How “Yale” are Yale clothes?

The Friday before the Yale-Harvard Game, I spent my entire afternoon at the Yale Bookstore and Campus Customs looking for something new to wear for […]

SAPRE: The Case for Final Exams

As the end of December rolls around and the task of finding an empty room in the Humanities Quadrangle gets progressively more fraught, the binary […]

GIRODON: Kissinger’s complicated legacy

When I was 17 years old, I went to see philosopher Bernard Henri Lévy discuss his upcoming film on human rights abuses. Before the presentation […]

SINGH: The Real Value of an “A”

They say that the only ‘A’ that matters is the one between the ‘Y’ and the ‘L’. And according to a recent faculty report, there […]

WAGNER: Distributional Requirements — Friend, not Foe

As Yale students brace themselves for yet another beloved period of class registration, the unavoidable topic of fulfilling distributional requirements returns. Sophomores who haven’t already […]

DUNCAN: Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Yale has many historic traditions — “Bright College Years,” Handsome Dan and The Game to name a few — but not all of Yale’s traditions […]

PERGOLA: The “Center” is wrong about the Left at Yale

At Yale, we sometimes get the sense that we are more enlightened than the general public and thus better able to discuss such complicated issues […]

BEN-ZION: Free Palestine from Hamas

In our search for straightforward narratives, it’s natural to gravitate towards identifying the “good guys” and “bad enemies” in any conflict. We’re drawn to supporting […]

WEINER & BISTA: Yale Corporation — divest from weapons

The Yale Corporation, known for its lack of transparency and accountability, will convene on campus this weekend for its last meeting of 2023. Ahead of […]

ISMAIL: We all must do more for Muslim mental health

Mental health is of increasing concern across Muslim communities in America, with 54 percent of young Muslims surveyed dealing with anxiety or depression. There come […]

LETTER 11.16: Inclusion needs to include Jews

To the Editors and Yale Community,  In the article on the SOM panel on Middle East Peace Dialogue, which included Arab and Israeli representatives, you […]