BERKE: Don’t Abandon Taiwan

Recently, Lucas Miner and Andrew DeWeese wrote an op-ed in response to my earlier op-ed titled “Avenge Ukraine by Protecting Taiwan.” I had hoped to […]

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MINER & DEWEESE: Stop playing the Taiwan card

The Yale Daily news recently published an op-ed titled “Avenge Ukraine by protecting Taiwan,” written by Ari Berke. The piece may be well-intentioned in advocating […]

KAGAN & GONZALES: A Warm Philadelphian Welcome to Dr. Hite

Dr. Bill Hite has finally gotten what he’s wanted for all these years. Yale School of Management has welcomed former School District of Philadelphia Superintendent […]


In a climate crisis, how do our leaders at Yale University and the City of New Haven justify an expansion of Tweed New Haven Airport? […]

COOK: Can software resuscitate hospitals?

“Where’s that useless doctor,” my patient grumbled. A nurse had warned me that healthy patients love to complain, but this instance was perhaps justified. For […]


I read with interest your recent article, “Segregation, Cross Burnings, and ‘Misguided’ Students: The News of the 1950s.”  I entered Yale in 1955 and took […]

ZHANG: An Opinion About Opinions

One of opinion writing’s greatest boons is its straightforward process: you sit in front of a blank Word document, sift through some articles across the […]

AHMED: Open the Discussion on Occupied Palestine

Amnesty International has concluded that Israel’s actions towards the Palestinians amount “to an institutionalized regime of oppression and domination defined as apartheid under international law.” […]


This first article in your announced series probing the long history of the News is excellent, a good beginning. It’s a pleasure to see that […]

The Managing Board of 2024

This weekend, the Yale Daily News elected the managing board of 2024. We began our first week of production on Sunday and look forward to […]

DUNSON: We won’t change anything

Much fanfare was made about the fact that I’d be going to Yale. My family bragged whenever given the chance. My school chose me to […]