ADLER: Stop sacrificing the arts for Hygiene Theater

Before I even reached my seat in the Yale Bowl, I suspected that the Yale-Harvard football game — along with the weekend of partying that […]

Where is Peng Shuai

Editor’s Note: The News has granted the author of this piece anonymity due to a risk to their family’s safety. The author is a University […]

MCCORDICK: Don’t mess with Texas

Something is rotten in the American university — or so say the founders of the University of Austin. Launched in early November by a group of […]

C.M., D’ARBELL, MOOSA and REED: We Won, We’re Still Fighting

Do you know how tiring it is to fight our University to eliminate something they deny exists? It is exhausting, but damn it feels good […]

ZHANG: My Monster Best Friend

The evening I saw Times Square from the top of Dad’s shoulders, I promised myself that this was the New York City I would always […]

WANG: Did we really need that much pasta?

I had already consumed five different types of bread before the real dinner came out. Turkey legs the size of baseball bats were paraded onto […]

HOPKINSON: Synonyms for Loneliness

I first felt lonely the summer after my first year at Yale. Well, I’m sure I had felt lonely at points before then, but those […]

YEO: Is God American?

“We live in a country, the greatest on earth, our flag stands for freedom and what it is worth. She stands in the harbor, Ms. […]

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HIRSCHAUGE, MISRA & LABROPOULOU: Embracing inbetweeners, fighting misinformation

Misinformation and disinformation increasingly shape behaviors on a large scale. Accordingly, policymakers have started working to address the proliferation of inaccurate information. But despite a […]

NAM: Make Me Up

When I sit down at my brightly lit desk, it’s never to do schoolwork — that space is reserved for skincare and makeup. Whoever sits […]

LIN: Squid game no more

After musing on pages of barely intelligible classical literature on Friday night, I decided to amuse myself to sleep on YouTube. On the homepage was […]