Sarah Cook
Staff Reporter
Sarah Cook covers student policy and affairs, and she previously covered President Salovey's cabinet. Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, she is a sophomore in Grace Hopper majoring in Neuroscience.
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Yale police clarify active shooter protocol as UVA shooting prompts concern

The death of three students in Virginia prompted grief on campus. Yale’s police chief expressed confidence in his department’s action plans, asserting that they would have in “all likelihood” prevented a similar situation at Yale.

Food for thought: Students with allergies, dietary restrictions express concern over dining hall options

In conversations with the News, over a dozen students with allergies and dietary restrictions recounted numerous concerns with the dining options at Yale.

Administrators defend mental health services amid ongoing criticism

Following the recent publishing of a Washington Post article concerning Yale’s withdrawal and reinstatement policies, University administrators are defending Yale’s mental health services.

The fading of a pandemic: Yale’s COVID-19 policy, two-and-a-half years later

Following two and a half years of COVID-19 policy development, the University’s relaxed regulations stand in stark contrast to those set in place at the beginning of the pandemic, which were much more strict.

YMHC to add location, expand services as student access issues persist

Students continue to take issue with the program’s branding as “short-term” and long wait times for psychiatric appointments.

Pre-law students lack “clear path” in application journeys

Students reflect on resources for prospective law students at Yale College.

Yale College Dean Pericles Lewis hosts panel on midterm election results

Three political science experts weighed in on the election’s historical context: the factors that may have led to Democrats’ overperformance.

Elis for Rachael announces non-profit status at mental health panel

Gathered online and in person on Wednesday night, students and alumni came together for a panel on mental health organized by the Yale Student Mental Health Association and Elis for Rachael.

Yale-Harvard tickets sell out after accidental early release

A link to tickets for The Game was mistakenly made available Tuesday morning, causing a panic amongst students hoping to attend.

Students required to receive second booster shot before spring semester

Per a Thursday afternoon email, all students, except those with approved exemptions, must receive an updated bivalent COVID-19 booster by the start of the spring semester

Five colleges lack common room furniture, raising equity concerns

One administrator told the News that COVID-19-related delays have kept Pierson, Davenport, Berkeley, Jonathan Edwards and Grace Hopper Colleges from receiving furniture for common suite areas.