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Molly Reinmann covers Admissions, Financial Aid & Alumni for the News. Originally from Westchester, New York, she is a sophomore in Berkeley College majoring in American Studies.
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After days of unrest, Jewish students express varied feelings about pro-Palestine campus protests

Some Jewish students expressed alarm at the protests calling on Yale to divest from military weapons manufacturers, which they view as antisemitic; others said they support the protests and have themselves been involved in the demonstrations.

Admissions office hosts Bulldog Days with fewer prefrosh 

Over 1,300 prospective students are visiting Yale’s campus this week for the program, which the Admissions Office intentionally downsized from last year’s 1,400.

Former Yale financial aid recipients to potentially receive settlement money

Current and former financial aid recipients are eligible to claim a portion of the $284 million settlement from a price-fixing lawsuit against Yale and sixteen other elite universities.

Yale admits 3.7 percent of applicants, lowest acceptance rate ever

Of the 57,465 students who applied to join the Yale College class of 2028, 2,146 were offered admission, with an additional 773 offered a spot on the waitlist.

Despite FAFSA delays, financial aid office promises no changes to timeline

Due to delays in the FAFSA rollout, Yale will not have access to information about students’ Pell Grant eligibility when assembling their initial financial aid packages. However, the financial aid office it will still be able to inform families about their expected contribution as planned.

Students share mixed reactions to Yale’s new ‘test-flexible’ policy

Last month, Yale College announced that it would resume requiring test scores for applicants to the class of 2029. While some students said they agreed with the importance of scores as standardizing metrics and praised Yale’s messaging on the policy, several expressed concern about international students’ access to exams.

Yale opposes state bill to ban legacy preference

The bill faced its first test during a committee hearing on Thursday. While students and legislators broadly expressed support, administrators from eight universities dug in their heels in opposition.

Tuition hikes continue to outpace inflation, admin say financial aid rising concurrently

As costs rise by nearly 4 percent for the 2023-24 academic year, University administrators told the News that financial aid packages rise concurrently with tuition hikes, which were attributed to inflation.

‘New flavor of standardized testing’: admissions office shares details on Yale’s new ‘test-flexible’ policy

In an interview with the News, the admissions office explained the motivations behind its new “test-flexible” policy, which will once again mandate that applicants submit standardized test scores starting next fall — but will allow applicants to choose between submitting SAT, ACT, AP or IB scores.

Yale reinstates standardized testing requirement, allows AP and IB scores

In addition to SAT and ACT scores, students will be able to submit Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate scores to fulfill Yale College’s new “test-flexible” policy beginning with applicants to the class of 2029.

International students describe unequal access to standardized test centers

A News survey found that international respondents who receive financial aid were less likely to have taken a standardized test when applying to college than respondents paying full price to attend Yale. The News spoke to several international students who said that difficulty accessing test centers and affording the tests were part of the reason why.