Anabel Moore
Staff Columnist
Anabel Moore edits for the WKND desk. She previously wrote for the WKND, Magazine and Arts desks as a staff writer. Originally from the greater Seattle, WA area, she is a junior in Branford College double-majoring in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry and the History of Art with a certificate in Global Health.
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Whenever I miss home, I think of a specific scene: I walk down the stairs. The sun is just rising: I can see the pinkish-orange light starting to filter through the windows facing the mountains. It’s painfully early, and I am painfully awake. My dad’s already up, and is working on the Seattle Times Jumble: it’s like the Wordle — but in print — and you already have the letters. A bowl of peanut butter oatmeal waits for me. I take my seat at my end of the table, and turn to the Nation page, A2, with the ticker-line of “odds and ends” and “on this day in time.” For 15 minutes, we enjoy the quiet chirping of the finches that haven’t yet mistaken glass windows for air, and the momentary peace before a busy day yet to come. 

The Perfect Gift for the Person Who Has Everything

My father is both the easiest and most difficult man to shop for.  A mere four gifts are reliable: Thorlo tennis socks, Dunlop double-yellow squash […]

Yale junior attends first Yale-Harvard game

I’m nearly halfway through my third year at Yale, and I’d like to think I’ve done justice to the major traditions: I’ve attended the Yale […]

Was “disrespectfully, please shut up” not a strong enough sentiment?

Dear Various Loud Library Patrons,  It’s me, hi. I’m not the problem, it’s you.  On a recent, truly terrible Wednesday night, I found myself in […]

Age 20: “The Year of Magical Thinking”

At a Barnes & Noble off the A1A in Stuart, Florida, I picked out two books. The first was for pleasure, Donna Tartt’s “A Secret […]

Beckman ’23’s “Passage” soars as Yale’s first original opera premiere in 30 years

The opera, composed by Benjamin Beckman '23, reinterprets the 14th-century Japanese text “Atsumori.”

The Pink Magnolia in the Branford Courtyard

A little over a year ago, I wrote about how much I appreciated my friends. I titled the piece “‘In these people, I have everything […]

Disrespectfully, please shut up

People whisper too much in these libraries.  Your whispering is more frustrating than straight-up talking; The “s”s and “t”s are worse than a buzzing mosquito […]

Early Snow and Open Doors

I wrote my application to Yale sitting on my grandmother’s couch, in the first-floor living room of her townhouse in rural Minnesota where she’s lived […]

MOORE: No school is safe

In February of 2018, I wrote an op-ed for the Seattle Times, titled “‘It could have been us:’ 3,000 miles from Florida, a 14-year-old’s plea.” […]

Butter and Raspberry Jam

There is much to love on the French Riviera: gelato on the beach, tarte tatin, Chagall and Picasso, the smooth pebbles that beckon towards the […]