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DOMINGUEZ: Dear Yale, from Arnold Hall

Yale has published countless guidelines in regard to preventing and treating COVID-19. They have guidelines set in place about what to expect when a student […]

DOMINGUEZ: Intentional Spontaneity

Last year, I decided to study outside on Cross Campus nearly every week. One chilly Monday in November, two girls were throwing white frisbees. Others […]

DOMINGUEZ: The Myth of Perfect Balance

Sleep, academics, social life: choose two. This is the first adage I heard before arriving at Yale. That’s stupid, I thought. I should be able […]

DOMINGUEZ: The Generosity Remedy

“Going to Yale has made me a worse person.” This is the first sentence of Elijah Boles’s Op-Ed, “The generosity killer.” Throughout his article, he […]


Richard Hausman ’24 and Pradz Sapre ’24 “enjoying a lovely picnic.” A beige couch was set in the center of Cross Campus. A white table […]

DOMÍNGUEZ: What in the Yale does diversity mean?

Last fall, I read my Yale admissions file in a Zoom with a frustrated, middle-aged woman from the University Registrar’s Office. She silently shared her […]

DOMINGUEZ: The question of worth

I closed the textbook and leaned back in my chair. I stared at the dimly lit ceiling. My phone suddenly started to vibrate. Mom’s calling. […]

DOMINGUEZ: Seminar “English”

“The way Chaucer utilizes language to convey the complex sentiments of love and sex in conjunction with natural metaphors that are typically connotated with a […]

PORTRAIT: The Mathematical Genius from Silliman’s Attic

Last June, my friend and I found the door to a makeshift attic inside of Silliman College’s Grove Street tower. It was locked, but with […]

WKND stands for We Know Nothing Dammit

I was a “grandma.” I said “William Harkness Hall” instead of “WLH,” and “Linsly-Chittenden” instead of “LC.” And in an application for a prize, I […]

From the land of Pitbull to the land of Bulldogs

Eda: Oh, Miami — so you’ve lived here your entire life right? Isa: Yes, I am a “Miamian” by birth and mannerisms. E: Is it […]