Shop Till You Stop

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step inside Gant, the shirt and shop that dressed Yale? Have you, poor thing, ever wondered what it would be like if you were actually dressed by Gant? Well, wonder and hope no further. The only thing you can afford in our store is the paper stuffing we put in our ultra-exclusive leather shoes.

WKND Resolutions

Over winter break, my friend told me to try Sims Freeplay on my phone. Being the sheeperson that I am, I downloaded it from the […]

What do you deserve for Chrismahanukwanzakah?

1. It’s Sunday evening. You’ve just spent the weekend in Brooklyn, hanging with friends and hitting up bars and going to gallery openings. Unfortunately, you […]

Soul de Cuba Doesn't Disappoint

The first time I went to Soul de Cuba was last year, for an end-of-semester dinner with a seminar I had been taking on Haiti. My professor ordered seemingly everything the menu had to offer, and the feast presented to us was both impressive and borderline excessive. I left feeling as if I were about to burst.

Cask Republic: Great Food, No Joke

Most bars serve food, but it seems to me that some do it with noticeably less enthusiasm than others. (Toad’s, I’ve heard, serves soup.) Cask, though, in spite of its definite bar-ness, doles out food with surprising good cheer and efficiency. All in all, my three-course lunch was tasty, timely, and even a little trendy.

A Formal Vacation to Roìa

While occasionally frustrating, Roìa’s fastidiousness serves a larger fantasy. The restaurant aims to offer a specific kind of food, but also in a specific style. In this case, that means food from the South of France, and specifically old-fashioned food from that region. The menu has no foams, fusions or gastronomic flights of fancy.

Not Constantinople, But Still Delicious

Although my grandfather likes to remind me at restaurants that you “can’t eat atmosphere,” Istanbul has a pretty good one. My lunchmate, Kellen, likened the decorations to those in his Russian grandmother’s apartment, a remarkably high compliment (although perhaps not the one Istanbul was going for given that it’s a Turkish restaurant.)

What would you do with $51 million?

Let’s get hot tubs! Right? 51 million dollars is definitely enough for at least one Jacuzzi per college, one in Commons, one on Old Campus, […]

What should you be for Halloween?

What should you be for Halloween? WKND throws out some ideas.

Facebook Horror Stories

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as an adolescent/person who has attended a lot of Bar Mitzvahs, it’s that no one should ever ask a […]

WEEKEND Does Sports

Who ever said WKND wasn't competitive?