On Saturday, January 17, the Yale Record protested in favor of opening a second Kinko Milano downtown. WKND couldn’t endorse the protest more strongly — that is, unless it was in jest, in which case we couldn’t take greater issue with the Record’s flippancy in a matter of such great importance. To hedge our bets, we’ve provided a winter shopping catalogue for the sartorially, cosmetically and status-conscious Yalie. Now that the annoying kind of shopping is done with, you can indulge in exploring the Shops at Yale!




Where else will you get an $80 crocheted shawl-scarf? Where else can you shop with the calming knowledge that surely nothing so expensive could be produced in sweatshop conditions? And that cardigan is just. So. Soft.




Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step inside Gant, the shirt and shop that dressed Yale? Have you, poor thing, ever wondered what it would be like if you were actually dressed by Gant? Well, wonder and hope no further. The only thing you can afford in our store is the paper stuffing we put in our ultra-exclusive leather shoes.


Extra Virgin Oil Store:


Some might ask, “What with the widespread poverty, paucity of supermarkets, and general urban dysfunction of New Haven, does downtown really need an extra virgin olive-oil emporium?” And the answer to that question would be yes. You can search long and far, but in the whole realm of western Connecticut you’ll be hard pressed to find a store where you can you sample lemon olive oil (totally not vile), black cherry vinegar (we ourselves have a hard time knocking back that one) and just about nothing else. Besides, where else will you get your mother the imported olive oil she didn’t know she always wanted? Honestly, you need us more than we need you.


Alex and Ani:

Please see website: “Every individual has a positive message to share with the world and by incorporating powerful symbolism and infusion (+) energy into each piece, Alex and Ani provides a vehicle for the wearer to express their individuality in an organic, spiritual way.” WKND couldn’t have said it better, though we might’ve mentioned Prana energy too. A (+)


Honorable mentions:

Therapy, idiom, idiocy, barbour, barber, Maison Matthis, Atticus, unnamed line of storefront windows on Howe Street that you pass on the way to Mamoun’s, Jack Willis, Greg’s Tailor, United Church on the Green, juice bar whose name we forget with $8 kale smoothie, Shen (“seemless garments” that are “made from the finest yarns”), Hello Boutique and Goodbye Boutique