Yale-Zombie Protection 101

No place at Yale makes me quiver in my boots more than the JE Taft Library.

What Elite Secret Society Should You Be In?

Tap night approaches, and with it, the BIGGEST SINGLE DECISION that this year’s juniors will make during their time at Yale

Olé Olé Olea!

Olea is more upscale than most of New Haven’s offerings, a great place to go with adult family members or on a formal date. Expect a sit-down dinner in a lovely space with a bit of time between each course — this is a meal to savor over conversation.

Mamma’s Girl Goes out to Eat

Now I am home and just reminiscing (thinking, remembering, pondering, etc.) about that time I went (drove) to a restaurant (Tre Scalini 100 Wooster Ave.) all by myself and how it started off scary (that antipasto!) but how I didn’t need to be scared by the end because the waitress (the one that was proud of me) was so nice and the food (croquettes, eggplant, and cookies) was so good (or buono [“good” in Italian]).

Chopin, Chinese Food, and Marschino Cherries

If you’re looking for a nice place to take a date in the near future, you might try Taste of China. The entrées are a little pricier than those of its blander competitors, but they’re worth it.

Come for the Octopus, Stay for the Family

When we finished our meal at Fornarelli’s, Rob, our waiter, congratulated us and we felt like we had earned it. And we had: We were Italian now. Christmas carols played as we walked out.

And some more winners are…

Date #1 I had been to Soul de Cuba on a date once before, but not with a stranger. After my date introduced herself as […]

And the winners are…

Date #1: Patrice Bowman ’15 and Jordan Konell ’15   His Take:   I sat in the Pierson Common Room, at once browsing Barracuda’s online […]

The Blindest Date: Queer Edition!

Now you, dear reader, get to vote for your favorite contestant to determine who gets paired up for a V-Day blind date. Simply visit the WKND section of the YDN’s website, click on this article, scroll down and vote in the polls for your favorite bachelors and bachelorettes by midnight next Wednesday.

The Blindest Date

Feeling lonely? Lovelorn? Dreading Valentine’s Day? Never fear — WKND has devised the perfect solution to Yalies’ amorous woes. We’ve selected a lucky ten bachelors […]

Choose your own snow day adventure

Is this just a flowchart? No, because a flowchart is a flowchart, and this is an adventure. QED. You wake up with your head pounding and roll over to look at the clock. 10:35 AM. Damn, maybe that last round of Fireball shots was a bad idea, especially because you have class in… WAIT! It’s a snow day!