Two Poems

closure   yesterday was breathtaking in the simplest of ways a collage of crushing hugs and easy laughter of reaffirmed sentiments and a watercolour sky […]

An Interview with Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore has been my favorite living photographer since I took my first photograph. Currently, he is the subject of a major retrospective at the […]

The Jitter Bus: An Ice Cream Truck for Adults

It is 2:15pm on a Monday afternoon. A hundred and seventy students stream out of one of Yale’s largest lecture halls, Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona (SSS) 114 after […]

Karim Jabbari’s Light Calligraphy

K arim Jabbari began practicing calligraphy at the age of twelve. Growing up in Tunisia during the Ben Ali regime and seeing his father imprisoned, […]


For our queer edition, we’ve selected another five bachelors and five bachelorettes, who have revealed:


WKND asks you, dear readers, to vote for your favorite candidates. The winning pair gets dinner on WKND’s dime and will undoubtedly fall madly in love.

Halloween Horrorscopes


Say goodbye to the annoyingly ubiquitous “struggle bus” and hello to the swug truck, your ticket to a sexily aimless and disaffected senior year. Roll a die to start the game of (senior year) life — then simply follow the directions dictated by the spaces. To spice things up, turn it into a drinking game (winner pays!). WKND wishes you godspeed. Be warned that this game is predictive of actual outcome.

Laurie Wang
Yale's 50 Goats

Hey Yale, We know our website’s been down (sorry not sorry, YD“N”) but we’re finally unveiling the most important news event of the year — […]

Unnamed Residential College Library

The room’s lighting has everyone roasting like hours-old food at Gheav (some hipsters call the new place Natty Mart, but we all know those lights and the overpriced food recalls the place we all loved and loathed).

The Naked Truth

I like to keep my studying within 1,500 feet of my Branford bedroom at all times.