WEEKEND | Restaurant Week: Kudeta

November 11, 2010 • 0
Kudeta exudes sophistication and swank from every satin-draped corner. The interior has a New York City nightclub complex; the tables are black, the chairs are black, even the chopsticks are black. The color scheme inside Kudeta’s emanates from a tall glass pyramid in the center of the restaurant, tinted by rays of blue, pink and »

New book traces evolution of “Doonesbury”

November 5, 2010 • 0
Garry Trudeau ’70: Cartoonist. Although this title is accurate, it hardly conveys the scope, longevity, and importance of Trudeau’s career as the author of the infamous “Doonesbury” comic strip. Brian Walker’s “Doonesbury and the Art of G.B. Trudeau,” released by the Yale University Press in time for the strip’s 40th anniversary, helps to convey these »

WEEKEND | A new obsession for coffeeholics

November 4, 2010 • 5
If you ever want to drink regular coffee again, don’t try Starbucks’ Clover coffee. It is much better than the regular blend and majorly addictive. Starbucks boasts that their new blend is “exotic, rare, and exquisite” — all accurate descriptions, if not slightly overblown. The Clover blend is named for an eponymous coffeemaker that is »

WEEKEND | Movies for any Halloween mood

October 29, 2010 • 1
What would Halloween be without scary movies? We hold it self-evident that we need the thrills, the unbearable tortuous suspense, and the lingering eerie feelings that these movies provide us with. Here is a taste of some scary films to complete your Halloween: Best Classic Horror Movies: The classic horror movie is the godfather of »