Set your alarm clock! These early morning classes, ranging from psychology to accounting, have generated positive feedback in the past from online course evaluations and are being offered this spring semester, before 10 a.m. You might want to grab a double latte and check out them out.

First, Kelly Brownell’s class “Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food,” which starts at nine a.m is a great course for any budding foodie. Brownell is one of the world’s leading food experts, and often commentates on food issues in The New York Times and The Atlantic. After hearing him lecture, you may never look at pop-tarts the same way.

If you are always the first to volunteer when your dean needs a babysitter, you might enjoy taking “Language, Literacy and Play,” where classes are held at the Calvin Hill Day Care Center. Although course evaluations are not online, we wonder what could be more enjoyable than learning about how preschoolers play while getting a social science or writing credit?

A practical course for managing money after life with payment by Bursar is “Financial Accounting,” at 9 a.m. Students in course evaluations indicated that this class is one of the most useful at Yale.

For the early bird, “Ornithology” taught by Richard Prum, the recipient of the 2009 MacArthur Foundation Fellowship would be an appropriate choice. In Spring 2010, 20 out of 29 students rated his class “excellent.” “Ornithology” is not a gut class, students say, but Prum captivates students with his mastery in the study of birds.

Finally, if puns brighten your day, take “The Peoples of Early America” held, of course, in the early morning on Mondays and Wednesdays.