They’re here: FCC’s Game shirts

Because you don’t get to the game without wearing the shirt. The Freshman Class Council’s official t-shirt design for the Yale-Harvard football game has been released. The blue shirt with reads “harvard/ the antisocial network,” on the front in Facebook font and continues “because you don’t get to Harvard without being a(n) [blank]” on the […]


Psych prof wins award

Alan Kazdin, the John M. Musser Professor of Psychology & Child Psychiatry, said he believes in a practical approach to childhood psychology. The American Psychological Association announced Monday that Kazdin would receive its 2011 Award for Distinguished Scientific Applications of Psychology, one of the organization’s highest honors, for his work in the field. Kazdin is […]


Live Tweet: YSO Show

The News live tweets the Yale Symphony Orchestra Halloween show. Follow here.


This is why we love Ashley’s

With seven scoops of ice cream and nine toppings, Ashley’s Ice Cream’s “Downside Watson” certainly seems like a heart attack-inducing dessert. [ydn-legacy-photo-inline id=”1584″ ] That’s why is no surprise the blog This is Why You’re Fat reported this outrageous creation. For more proof that this dessert is as decadent as can be, here is what […]


“It’s just a jump to the left…”

“…And a step to the right,” students sang, as they bended their knees in time, pelvic thrusted, and went in-sa-a-a-ane while watching “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” on Thursday night at the Erza Stiles/Morse Crescent Theater [ydn-legacy-photo-inline id=”1587″ ] About 30 boa-adorned students watched the cult film. As animated audience participators, students yelled retorts and […]


Davenport College Class of 2050 will be set

While we are still waiting on Yale students to construct a time machine, Davenport students can at least send a snippet of the present to the future. With a trench being dug in the Davenport courtyard to make prepare for new shrubs, students jumped on the opportunity to plant a time capsule, according to an […]


Yalies find exposure by going exposed

Elis that love being in the buff have some new fans. Yale was invoked in a Wednesday Jezebel post about the glories of college nudity. The post begins: It is a truth universally acknowledged that college students love running around naked. And grownups love reading about it. Jezebel specifically referred to an article in Hustler […]


Another satirical college YouTube video strikes

It’s no “That’s Why I Chose Yale.” The Princeton Tiger, the university’s humor magazine, posted a video called “Welcome to Princeton” playfully teasing some ubiquitous freshmen experiences. The video features Timmy, a “Gee-Golly!” freshman sporting pink and white-spotted overalls, Woodrow Wilson and his monocle, and a bow-tied acapella group, the Princeton Tigertones. The amount of […]


Openly gay candidate chats with students

Although Kevin Lembo, Democratic candidate for state comptroller, may still have a tough time getting citizens to understand what a comptroller does (budgeting for health care is the biggest role currently), he is making history as the first openly gay major party nominee for state office in Connecticut. Lembo took part in an informal question […]