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  1. Craving Italian? Hot Tomato’s is the Place to Go

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    For some reason, I always end up choosing Asian whenever I eat out (possibly because it’s usually cheaper). I’ve been to over a dozen Asian restaurants last semester alone, but have always lamented the lack of reasonably priced Italian restaurants around here. Needless to say, I was thrilled when my suitemate told me that her dad was taking the entire suite out to Hot Tomato’s—free Italian food? I’m in.


  2. Curry Hill

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    Going to Manhattan anytime soon?

    Sure you are. You have a job interview, you have a class field trip, it’s reading week and you’re bored — anyway, whatever the alleged reason for your trip, you know that deep down you’re mostly looking for a good restaurant. It’s okay — that’s what we’re here for. The NewsFeed suggests you check out the neighborhood around East 28th St. and Lexington. (more…)

  3. Backstory: Review of Louis Lunch

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    I had never been to Louis’ before I did this review. I always meant to, but it seemed like it was never open. I’d even tried going right after Easter during their regular hours, but it was still closed, I guess for some kind of post-Easter chocolate-digesting vacation.

    But when I came back with a friend a week later, the door was open, and we finally got to see what all the hype was about. It was a very fulfilling experience: We had a fabulously juicy hamburger each, ordered a slice of pie for the sake of thorough journalism, and may or may not have carved a few things into our table with my Swiss Army knife.

    Then, as if my day wasn’t great enough already, my friend took me with her when she did her post-lunchtime carillon ring. The top of Harkness and Louis’ Lunch in one afternoon—it’s like the Yale super-special. It just goes to show that it never hurts to have friends in high places.

    Sarah Wolf

  4. Beyond New Haven: Sushi Palace

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    Ok, so perhaps it’s not fair to write about a restaurant where you either need a car, a friend with a car or some cab or bus fare in order to get there, but this place cannot go without mention. Among my own group of friends, Sushi Palace has already become a topic of conversation and likely weekend retreat and eatery. Have you ever heard of all you can eat sushi? Well now you have!

    Located in neighboring Hamden, Conn. on Dixwell Avenue, Sushi Palace is truly a diamond in the rough. The interior decorations and the staff are fairly unassuming, but the food is delicious. You can enjoy a variety of appetizers—including my favorite, Gyoza, soups, and sushi rolls. And if raw fish isn’t necessarily your style (even though perhaps you shouldn’t go to a sushi restaurant), they also have a variety of chicken and steak dishes.

    Thameka Thompson

  5. “Spa Waters” and Lobster?

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    Yale’s organic café (I’m assuming they mean The Thain Family Café, which they neglect to mention is unfortunately not incorporated into the Yale meal plan) faces stiff competition from Bowdoin, Wesleyan, Stanford and others in this New York Times article evaluating improved campus food.

    Hilary Faxon

  6. Top 10: Classic

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    Most likely to be mentioned immediately after the sentence “Oh yeah, I’ve been to New Haven.” People will laugh at you if you don’t go to these restaurants at least once before you graduate.

    10. Rudy’s

    71, male and drunk according to their Myspace page — what more could you ask for? Go to partake in the history; to test out your new fake; and to meet more old drunk men, from townies to grad students.

    9. Claire’s Cornercopia

    This vegetarian College and Chapel staple isn’t all soy beans and leafy greens. Their breads and cakes, which must contain vats full of butter and eggs, are the best baked goods in town. (more…)

  7. Coffee Tales, Part 2: Koffee on Audobon

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    Probably the best coffee shop in New Haven (see #3 on Top 10 Underrated) for normal reasons like ambience and quality beverages, Koffee also happens to boast an endless supply of bizarre conversations. For a prime example of why writers hang out in cafes all the time, please refer to the following overheard exchange.


  8. Foster’s: The Next New Haven Comedy Club?

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    I went to Foster’s last night with a friend of mine just to enjoy some after-dinner drinks. Foster’s is one of the places that I list as an alternative to the New Haven “club district.” As we walked by the window, we saw a man with a microphone standing in the middle of the restaurant floor with all the patrons looking at him (some uninterested folk at the bar actually had their back to him and were watching the Yankees game- **Go Yankees**) — anyway, I digress. So we go on and the man tells us to come sit up front and center. I look around the room to try to figure out what is going on, and this woman at the bar mouths “leave now”. (more…)

  9. Move out “Mom and Pop”: The “Big Boys” are Coming to Town

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    Start on the corner of Crown and Chapel Streets and proceed towards the New Haven green. If you keep your eyes and focus situated to the left, you will notice the once-deserted old New Haven “mall” is now bustling with some sort of activity. In the tall glass windows—that I believe at one point may have been Macy’s display windows—you will see signs that read “Coming Soon”…”Buffalo Wild Wings.” Is your interest piqued yet? (more…)

  10. Burning Down the Traif

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    As I briefly mentioned earlier, I stopped keeping kosher this summer while I was in Israel. It’s a long story. But since then, I’ve been enjoying all kinds of previously forbidden delights, from chicken parmesan (delicious) to pasta with mussels (delicious) to fast food cheeseburgers (unbelievably greasy and really not all that great).And so far, the thrill of new experiences has been completely worth the slight guilty pang I feel every time I take a bite of sausage or sprinkle cheese onto my meatballs.

    Over spring break, I took a big step into the world of rabbinical disapproval: I tried to cook some bacon. I was staying in a cabin with a big group of friends, and one morning three of us volunteered to cook breakfast for everyone — Rachel started frying eggs, Rita took charge of the pancakes, and all that was left for me was a giant package of frozen strips of breakfast pig meat. Not my first choice, but hey, a learning experience! (more…)