Ok, so perhaps it’s not fair to write about a restaurant where you either need a car, a friend with a car or some cab or bus fare in order to get there, but this place cannot go without mention. Among my own group of friends, Sushi Palace has already become a topic of conversation and likely weekend retreat and eatery. Have you ever heard of all you can eat sushi? Well now you have!

Located in neighboring Hamden, Conn. on Dixwell Avenue, Sushi Palace is truly a diamond in the rough. The interior decorations and the staff are fairly unassuming, but the food is delicious. You can enjoy a variety of appetizers—including my favorite, Gyoza, soups, and sushi rolls. And if raw fish isn’t necessarily your style (even though perhaps you shouldn’t go to a sushi restaurant), they also have a variety of chicken and steak dishes.

Thameka Thompson