Most likely to be mentioned immediately after the sentence “Oh yeah, I’ve been to New Haven.” People will laugh at you if you don’t go to these restaurants at least once before you graduate.

10. Rudy’s

71, male and drunk according to their Myspace page — what more could you ask for? Go to partake in the history; to test out your new fake; and to meet more old drunk men, from townies to grad students.

9. Claire’s Cornercopia

This vegetarian College and Chapel staple isn’t all soy beans and leafy greens. Their breads and cakes, which must contain vats full of butter and eggs, are the best baked goods in town.

8. The Burrito Cart

Cheaper than a dining hall lunch and much more portable, a quick meal from the Burrito Cart on York and Elm is the best remaining alternative to a repast at the late great Roomba. Since the original is no longer an option for this list, grab some napkins and enjoy some drippy spicy goodness from Roomba’s only surviving relative.

7. Union League

Having only been here in the context of TD’s Chubb Fellow lunches, I can only speak to the free steaks and wise words from Gloria Steinem. It is unlikely non-TDers will ever encounter either of those things at the Union League Cafe. Nonetheless, the steaks are delicious.

6. Louis’ Lunch

Only the oldest hamburger joint in the country. These burgers are made the way Mother Nature intended, flame-broiled in antique stoves and served on two pieces of toasted white bread. Tomatoes, onions and cheese are the only available garnishes—no ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise allowed.

5. The Pantry

The lines out the door and the New Haven Advocate Best Of awards on the wall speak for themselves, but not as well as a short stack of banana pancakes with more bananas on top does. Walk there and back (about half an hour each way) to compensate for the gigantic amount of breakfast you will eat.

4. Mory’s

Actually the food here is notoriously disgusting, and the contents of the cups aren’t particularly great either. But it’s the tradition that counts, right?

3. Pepe’s

Obviously. More accommodating and quicker service than Sally’s, with equally authentic New Haven-style pizza. Don’t forget The Place, part of Pepe’s that is for some reason in a separate building next door, where the lines are often shorter.

2. Libby’s

Still miraculously hungry after half a pie at your Wooster Square pizzeria of choice? Head over to Libby’s Italian Pastry Shop for some creamy cannoli goodness.

1. Sally’s Apizza

What could be more classic than the Soup Nazi? The pizza equivalent — wait outside for two hours to be barely acknowledged by the servers, who might bring you your food after another half an hour if you’re lucky. Home to the best onion pizza you will eat in your life.

Would have been on this list three months ago: The Yankee Doodle. To be added to the list one day soon: Wenzels at Alpha Delta Pizza

Sarah Wolf