I had never been to Louis’ before I did this review. I always meant to, but it seemed like it was never open. I’d even tried going right after Easter during their regular hours, but it was still closed, I guess for some kind of post-Easter chocolate-digesting vacation.

But when I came back with a friend a week later, the door was open, and we finally got to see what all the hype was about. It was a very fulfilling experience: We had a fabulously juicy hamburger each, ordered a slice of pie for the sake of thorough journalism, and may or may not have carved a few things into our table with my Swiss Army knife.

Then, as if my day wasn’t great enough already, my friend took me with her when she did her post-lunchtime carillon ring. The top of Harkness and Louis’ Lunch in one afternoon—it’s like the Yale super-special. It just goes to show that it never hurts to have friends in high places.

Sarah Wolf