Going to Manhattan anytime soon?

Sure you are. You have a job interview, you have a class field trip, it’s reading week and you’re bored — anyway, whatever the alleged reason for your trip, you know that deep down you’re mostly looking for a good restaurant. It’s okay — that’s what we’re here for. The NewsFeed suggests you check out the neighborhood around East 28th St. and Lexington.

Officially known as Murray Hill, it’s more commonly referred to as Curry Hill due to its profusion of Indian and Pakistani restaurants. This turmeric lover’s paradise offers every imaginable variation on South Asian food — from Curry in a Hurry to classy and overpriced, from kosher-and-vegetarian halal to ground up mystery meat.

If you’re having difficulty choosing, go no further than the corner of 28th and Lex for one of the area’s highlights: Southern Indian food at Tiffan Wallah. And if you think that’s a cool sounding name, try ordering some iddly (lentil and rice cakes) or utthapam (savory crepes). Or mulligatawny soup. Come on, say it out loud. You know you want to.

After dinner, stop by a little store called Kalustyan’s to admire the mind-boggling variety of spices, dried fruit and nuts, and mysterious-looking candies. If you need a walk and a cool-down, you can also head over to Pinkberry on West 32nd and 5th for frozen yogurt like you’ve never had it before. Yes, it’s not technically in the area, and yes, it’s a chain store, but it takes maybe 10 or 15 minutes to walk there, and it’s the perfect post-Indian food dessert if you’re not into cheese balls soaked in rose water (not that there’s anything wrong with that). A cup of yogurt topped with mango and coconut tastes like a mango lassi that died and was rewarded for its good karma with reincarnation in a higher form.

Sarah Wolf