Probably the best coffee shop in New Haven (see #3 on Top 10 Underrated) for normal reasons like ambience and quality beverages, Koffee also happens to boast an endless supply of bizarre conversations. For a prime example of why writers hang out in cafes all the time, please refer to the following overheard exchange.


GIRL SITTING ON COUCH: Oh hey! How are you? Do you want to sit down?

GUY: Oh thanks, I would, but I smell really bad.

GIRL: Uh… haha… have you been rolling around in the mud or something?

GUY: No, no, I just didn’t shower today. And I’m not wearing deodorant. Just one of those days.

GIRL: Oh. Um, have you been exerting yourself a lot?

GUY: Yeah, you know, I’ve been unicycling like crazy this morning.

For the record, I didn’t smell anything, but I was distracted by my pleasantly scented raspberry iced tea and banana mini-muffin. Yum.

Sarah Wolf