In “Unstuck,” Levine Explains Herself

Olivia Levine walks onstage wielding an orange impaled by a candle. “I hope my parents are always happy and they live forever,” she says. Then […]

Now More Than Ever: On Mary Kathryn Nagle’s “Manahatta”

It’s an omnipresent trope to ascribe activist intent — with varying legitimacy — to theater. In a world wrought with political tumult, this approach is […]

Watch Her Disappear: A Review of “Alice” at the Yale School of Drama

The ticketing site for the Yale School of Drama production of “Alice” provides a particularly cryptic description that leaves almost everything to the imagination. “Charles […]

Remembering Her Family’s Tragedy: A Preview of “Fun Home”

When Danilo Gambini moved to New Haven from Brazil in 2016, he went to New York to see the musical Fun Home. The production had […]

Fashioned Creatures

“It was on a dreary night of November that I beheld the accomplishment of my toils,” Mary Shelley wrote, as she put quill to paper […]

Su Wei and the Creation of “The Men of Iron and the Golden Spike”

My October began with Carnegie Hall’s world premiere of “The Men of Iron and the Golden Spike.” Five days later, Stanford’s Bing Concert Hall performed […]

Su Wei
Escaping Our World

We walked into the club — the brightly-lit Saybrook Underbrook Room — with dance music pounding and metallic costumes dotted here and there. Audience members […]

The Gurls in the Clurb

Earlier this week, I listened to one of the foremost political philosophers in the country speak about the distinction between convention and nature. This same […]

“Laughing at Crying Babies”: Tarek Ziad Isn’t Clowning Around

A familiar face enters the black box theater in a new light. The iconic mop of playful curls is now clean-shaven. Tarek Ziad, DC ’20, […]

The Representative from Connecticut Has the Floor

“One nation controlled by the media/Information age of hysteria/Calling out to idiot America.” Sound familiar? Green Day’s 2004 album “American Idiot,” though written with George […]

“Illegal”: A Musical Reimagines the Chinese Diaspora

“Jook songs” — a wordplay on jook-sing, a Cantonese term for Chinese Americans — is the first song in the musical “Illegal” and a hybrid […]