The Yale Daily News
Announcing the winners of the 2023 Wallace Prize

This special issue of the Yale Daily News Magazine showcases the winning works from the 2023 Wallace Prize.

Announcing the Managing Board of 2025

On April 22, 2023, the Yale Daily News elected its 146th Managing Board, which will lead the Oldest College Daily through the 2022-23 academic year. […]

SAMARITANO: A conversation we should not kill

In her recent article “Abort the Conversation,” Bianca Nam ’24 argues that some conversations are not worth engaging in. On this general point, I agree […]

BISSELL & COLBURN: Meatless Mondays

In 2021, when Yale announced a new target of net zero carbon emissions by 2035, President Salovey made a “simple commitment: every part of Yale […]


An open letter to Yale Health on access to rapid tests and the end of the Public Health Emergency When the federal public health emergency […]


Tomorrow, April 22, the Yale Board of Trustees will convene on campus to attend the fourth Yale Corporation meeting of this academic year. Also tomorrow, […]


Many students, faculty and administrators at Yale are understandably nervous and upset about any interaction between Yale and China in light of recent Sino-American hostilities […]

LETTER 4.7: Don’t lend Yale’s name to human rights abusers

It is the policy of the News not to publish anonymous columns, but in this case, an exception has been made. The authors are University students with family in China who have been granted anonymity based on their concern for retaliation against them and their family if identified. The News has independently verified the identity of the authors.

LETTER 4.7: Yale, student groups are worth more than one shelf

The Yale Herald, the Yale Record, and the Yale Political Union are not the only student organizations under threat of losing their offices. Last Thursday, […]

“VOICES OF RESISTANCE”: Indigenous student leaders share their stories

Whose land are you on? If you’re reading this on campus, you’re on the rightful lands of Algonquian-speaking peoples who have existed here since time […]

LUEKENS: The scandal of Easter

Being raised in a nominally Jewish household in the Midwest, I always considered Christians as “normal” and us Jews as the special ones. In fact, […]