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LUEKENS: The scandal of Easter

Being raised in a nominally Jewish household in the Midwest, I always considered Christians as “normal” and us Jews as the special ones. In fact, […]

LETTER 4.2: Yale, don’t take away our offices

The Yale administration loves to boast about how its vibrant extracurricular life fosters a strong sense of community on campus. Now, the university is exiling […]

LETTERS 3.27 Open Letter on Awarding Pennington a Degree

Dear President Salovey and Associate Vice President Schall, As you know, the Board of Trustees is now considering a request from the Yale Graduate and […]


It was encouraging to read in the March 9 online edition of the Yale Daily News that the faculty continues to advocate for a university-wide […]


In response to the article “More majors, less exploration: Seniors reflect on the feasibility of double majoring at Yale” in Thursday’s YDN, I would add […]


William Porayouw’s Feb. 28 article about President Salovey’s talks with the presidential advisory board on free expression at Yale highlights challenges faced by all societies […]


The history of Yale University is a universe unto itself. And like our own universe, our knowledge of the history of Yale is ever evolving. […]

PUBLIC EDITOR: Policy Recommendations to Ensure Accountability and Reporter Safety

Editor’s Note: The public editor evaluates the Yale Daily News’ coverage to ensure journalistic integrity. The public editor also liaises between the News’ audience and […]


I am glad the Yale Daily News accepts Letters to the Editor, with a generous allowance as to their length (400-500 words). It is wonderful […]


Editor’s note: This letter is in response to the Opinion article “SKADOW: Vaccine mandates deserve justification”. I was honestly a bit shocked to read the […]

The News congratulates its newest staffers

More than 100 Yalies joined the News during the Fall 2022 semester.