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Through the Lens: Pianos at Yale

Yale has as many pianos as it does traditions

Dems support bill for undocumented students

The Yale College Democrats are advocating for a new bill that would allow undocumented students to access public financial aid.

In dining halls, students still dissatisfied with labeling

In response to an increase in students with allergies on campus, Yale Dining has been working to increase the accuracy and clarity of its labeling.

Light Fellowship sees decline in applications

Despite a steady increase in interest over the past several years, this year the Richard U. Light Fellowship saw a drop in applications.

Musical sets Broadway classic in Nazi Germany

For his senior thesis production, director Noam Shapiro ’15 explores the history of artistic and theatrical performance in the German concentration camp of Theresienstadt during World War II.

Gaming addiction leads to risky decisions

College-aged individuals with Internet Gaming Disorder are more likely to make risky decisions, a new study from Yale and Beijing Normal University shows.

Tour guide application process competitive yet again

Being a Yale Tour Guide remains one of the most selective student jobs on campus.

Long Wharf show brings boy into outer space

The Next Stage Residents, a group of resident artists at New Haven’s Long Wharf Theatre, are producing “The Boy on the Edge of Everything” by Tasmanian playwright Finnegan Kruckemeyer.

YCC proposes midterm evaluations for new professors

The Yale College Council recently submitted a proposal to the administration recommending that professors solicit feedback from their students before the first midterm.

Calendar changes draw ire among students, faculty

This upcoming fall will be the first time in seven years that Yale College final examinations do not end on Dec. 18.

After thwarted theft attempt in Trumbull, YPD arrests intruder

Mere days after a series of reported thefts in Trumbull College, another pair of students in the college encountered an intruder in their suite Saturday afternoon.