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YCC asks for more robust administrative response

Members of the Yale College Council have requested that the University formally respond to all student government proposals.

Elections now mandatory for dean, presidential search committee posts

The Yale College Council passed a resolution by unanimous vote Sunday afternoon stipulating that student representatives on future search committees for the dean of Yale College and president of the University must be elected by the undergraduate student body.

Dramat show explores ethnic tensions

In its 2015 Spring Experimental Production, the Yale Dramatic Association will remember the centennial of the Armenian genocide with an original play that explores ethnic tensions and family secrets.

Mental health forum elicits questions about YCC influence

For many students, Holloway’s and Rogers’s inability to honor Herbert’s request at the mental health forum is another example of administrative inaction. Still, YCC representatives interviewed emphasized their appreciation for the administration’s willingness to engage in conversation.

Jessie J to headline Spring Fling

For the first time in 17 years, the Spring Fling headliner is a female artist — Jessie J.

YCC academic reports draw mixed reviews

Drawing on feedback from 1,452 undergraduates, the Yale College Council has submitted two reports proposing reform to shopping period and the Credit/D/Fail conversion deadline.

Student government, on a comparative shoestring

At Columbia University, the Student Council has an annual budget of just under $1 million, according to the council’s president, Peter Bailinson. At Harvard, the Undergraduate Council receives an annual stipend of $450,000, while the University of Pennsylvania’s Undergraduate Assembly has an allocated budget of $2.1 million.

More reports of Klingande for Fling surface

Reports that French duo Klingande will perform at this year’s Spring Fling continue to appear online.

Yale Architectural Journal articles emphasizes importance of money in architecture

Although money is often seen as a taboo topic in art schools, a group of Yale alumni is urging professional architects to place more value on the relationship between money and architecture.

GPS tracking may come to Special Services van

For students who have had to use Yale Special Services Transportation, inaccurate arrival times may become a problem of the past.

YCC proposes readmissions liaisons

The Yale College Council has proposed a program that would connect students who have gone through the readmissions process with those who are currently applying to return to the University.