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YCC attempts to improve access to official school transcripts

In the future, students may not have to wait to receive their transcripts in the mail. Instead, they may be able to simply download them.

CT moving to expand legalized medical marijuana

The first of what may be many petitions aiming to expand the coverage of medical marijuana in Connecticut was recently brought before the state’s Medical Marijuana Program Board of Physicians.

Undergrad jazz group releases album

Yale’s jazz scene recently reached a new milestone, as an undergraduate group teamed up with a music industry legend to make their first album.

Olive oil shop opens on Chapel

Subway is no longer the only business in New Haven asking customers if they want oil and vinegar.

Play to revisit Salem witch trials

Penned during the 1950s, "The Crucible" is set in colonial Massachusetts during the Salem witch hunts — when members of the community accused each other of witchcraft, leading to a number of incarcerations and even executions.

Journalist describes challenges to profession

Changes in modern technology have dramatically shifted the news landscape, according to journalist Benjamin Torres Gotay.

Art School promotes sustainability

Meatless Mondays are not the only way Yale is promoting sustainability.

“Harbor” opens Jook Songs’ season

Jook Songs, Yale’s oldest spoken word group, will kick off its season this weekend with a discussion of racial identity and history.

Inaugural Founder’s Day draws hundreds

Three hundred and thirteen years into its history, Yale is still developing new traditions.

GOLF: Yale readies for home opener

While the Yale men’s golf team finished just one stroke ahead of Harvard in the MacDonald Cup this weekend, the Yale women’s golf team was on the other end of the stick, losing first place to Columbia by a margin of a single stroke at the Nittany Lion Invitational at Penn State University.

MEN’S GOLF: Bulldogs take MacDonald Cup

Braving heavy wind and rain, the Yale Men’s Golf Team barely overcame Harvard Saturday, defeating the Crimson by just one point.