“Robot Death Kites” at Elm Bar

January 27, 2012
This very evening, Brooklyn-based “Robot Death Kites” will be hitting the scenes of New Haven with a little bit of WEEKEND love in tow. Along with “Nursing Home,” they’ll be playing at the Elm Bar in a show starting at 9pm. Guitar and bass player Jon Fuhrer is the older brother of Zach Fuhrer ’11, »


January 27, 2012
My french lover, my down duvet // BY MILA HURSEY When it is cold and dreary, I find spiritual, emotional and physical contentment within the embrace of my beloved Henri. Henri is my French lover, my down duvet. If you think I’m weird for naming my comforter and attaching contentment and pleasure from him to »

How To: Share Your Feelings (Blog It Out!)

January 26, 2012
It’s a Saturday night and your long time, on-again-off-again DFMO has left you high and dry to smoke and eat Wenzels with a girl whose thighs don’t touch when she stands up. All of your BFFs are off writhing in someone else’s bed, getting a nightcap at DKE or are possibly WUJGs (Washed Up Junior »
John Jackson in the Tordrillo Range, AK

Vertigo reviews ‘The Art of Flight’

January 24, 2012
Vertigo is a weekly blog by Kieran Dahl covering the action sports and wilderness adventure world. Kieran is a sophomore in Davenport College. You wouldn’t expect a snowboarding movie to be a bestseller on iTunes, nor would you expect one to have a red-carpet premiere at a Broadway theater in New York. Then again, The »


January 20, 2012
Because Shakespeare reigns supreme this semester, because we we met the loves of our lives in a Shakespeare lecture last semester, because our confidence rests in the canon, because we identify with Hamlet’s existential angst and because Stratford-upon-Avon takes our breath away, we dedicate these hallowed pages to the Bard we love to love. On »

A Primary Mishap of Elephantine Proportions

January 13, 2012
Welcome, 2012 — to a new season of political whirlwinds. We began the year to the tune of one Facebook update per milli-millisecond on Rick Santorum and — how shall we put this delicately? — his bold political statements. Well, WEEKEND wanted to share the love and bounty of the ruckus, and so we bring »


December 2, 2011
It’s that time of year: Reading Week is upon us. But who really wants to read all day (and, let’s be honest, night)? To brighten these next seven days, WEEKEND solicited alternatives to reading. Come on, you know you’re tempted. Mo Money, Less Reading // BY YANAN WANG It’s that time of year when, full »

WEEKEND gets intimate

November 4, 2011
Love can be hard to come by; don’t we know it. But when you’ve got it, there isn’t anything quite like it. Which is why we’ve decided to extend a hand to you, the Yale student body, in your pursuit of eternal companionship. So we have here for you: WEEKEND personals. We hope your lonely »

2011’s Hottest Costumes

October 28, 2011
It’s that time of year. When you can dress up as whatever and not (really) be judged. We’ve seen it all: the funny, the classy, the downright dumb. If Salvo ran out of that cape you wanted, never fear. This (almost) Hallow’s Eve, we asked Yale’s funniest people to give us some last minute inspiration. »

Occupy Wall Street

October 14, 2011
Traveling down to New York City for the “Occupy Wall Street” protest, I believed that I would soon be among the uneducated and (literally) unwashed masses. I couldn’t have been more wrong. For one thing, during my three hours among the protestors, I did see one or two people with dreadlocks. But for the most »

Weekend Presents: shopping period showdown 2011

January 14, 2011
No Friday classes. Nothing before 10:30. Making the perfect schedule may not be a priority for the rest of us, but to these six champions, shopping period isn’t just hectic. It’s an all-out war to be the best.

Harvard, after hours

November 18, 2010
Deep in the shady sadness of Cambridge, the music’ll start to fade and Harvardians’ll start mumbling about papers. No matter that it’s only 12:05 on a Saturday night, the party’s over. Here are a couple of things to do in the twilight hours between fiesta and bed. PARTY SOME MORE Not all Harvardians go to »