What’s for dinner? Berkeley College’s plan to close its dining hall to non-Berkeley students for two Mondays each month, and before 6:30 p.m. for the other two Mondays, went into effect yesterday. Berkeley College Master Marvin Chun said the new policy aims to address the dining hall’s overcrowding problem and alleviate the “unsustainable demand” that had been faced by Berkeley’s facilities and employees.

Trouble at Harvard. An article published in The Harvard Voice last weekend has come under fire for its offensive editorial content and the way editors of the publication later responded to national criticism. Voice editors went through multiple apologies and changed the author line of the piece from “The Harvard Voice” to “Anonymous” after facing criticism, a move that then brought the publication additional waves of criticism.

Go pink. Pink and white balloons on Cross Campus kicked off the start of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which began Monday. The effort aims to raise awareness of breast cancer issues and encourage students to take an active part in fighting breast cancer. In honor of the month, several local health centers, including Yale-New Haven Hospital, will hold screening and support services at a reduced cost.

‘We’re still here.’ Six months after Occupy New Haven members were evicted from the New Haven Green, movement leaders are affirming that their message still stands. Members have since focused their activist energies in different directions, working on foreclosure issues, homelessness prevention and education.

Staying informed. For those of you looking for a midterms study break, consider tuning in to tonight’s presidential debate, which will focus on foreign and domestic policy issues. U.S. President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney will meet at Hofstra University in New York tonight to answer questions from the crowd in a town hall debate format.

Another kind of debate. Connecticut Senate candidates Chris Murphy (D) and Linda McMahon (R) faced off for the third time Monday night in New London, Conn. Much of their debate focused on the economy, though both candidates spent time discussing foreign policy issues and cybersecurity.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1985 More than 100 students return a dating questionnaire as part of a new dating service launched in Timothy Dwight College three weeks prior. Participants agree to meet with their matches at least once for dinner.