• Maria Rosa Menocal, a humanities professor known for her work on medieval Spain whose vivacious presence spearheaded a rapid expansion of the Whitney Humanities Center, died Monday of melanoma. She was 59. A renowned scholar and author, Menocal became a Sterling Professor of the Humanities in 2005 and served as director of the Whitney Humanities Center from 2001 to 2012, where she spearheaded an effort to rebrand the institution and broaden its influence.
  • One of the two killers sentenced to death for the infamous triple homicide in Cheshire has declared his decision to waive his appeals and proceed to his execution. In a letter to the Hartford Courant, Steven Hayes — who has been sitting on death row since December 2010, when he was condemned by the New Haven Superior Court — lamented the “cruel and unusual punishment” perpetrated by the prison staff at the Northern Correctional Institution in Somers, Conn., and communicated his intention to petition to waive his direct appeal. If his request will be granted, Hayes, 49, would follow an example set by serial killer Michael Ross, a Connecticut death row inmate who was executed after waiving his appeals in 2005.
  • The most senior representative of the Hong Kong government based in the U.S. spoke Tuesday about the current economic and business climate in Hong Kong. Donald Tong, the Hong Kong commissioner for economic and trade affairs in the U.S., gave a lecture entitled “Hong Kong – 15 Years After the Changeover” that covered Hong Kong’s future in light of its 1997 changeover from a British colony to a part of mainland China. At the talk, Tong explained that despite fears following the ownership change, Hong Kong continues to show rapid economic growth.


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