Thursday’s Buzz: 11.1.12

THE NEWS In a race that could determine whether the U.S. Senate is majority Democratic or Republican, Yale College Democrats and Republicans have flocked to […]

Cross Campus: 10.31.12

Happy Halloween! Hurricane Sandy left just in time for Yalies to grab their fake wigs, huge pearls, neon leotards and giant sunglasses and deck out […]

Tuesday’s Buzz: 10.31.12

THE NEWS After a month without a director, Undergraduate Career Services is set to begin searching for a new leader this week. Allyson Moore, the […]

Cross Campus: 10.30.12

Keep your body parts in check. A massive ginkgo tree in the Timothy Dwight courtyard lost a limb Monday night after the howling winds ripped […]

Tuesday’s Buzz: 10.30.12

THE NEWS The New Haven Green, whose benches and bus stops traditionally serve as makeshift homes for the city’s homeless, was deserted Monday afternoon as […]

Cross Campus: 10.29.12

Saved by the bell. Or weather. The Yale Admissions Office has extended the deadline for Early Action applicants to midnight on Nov. 5 in light […]

Monday’s Buzz: 10.29.12

THE NEWS While university officials said Yale remains committed to building the two new residential colleges, the future of the project is uncertain. Since construction […]

Cross Campus: 10.23.12

Technical difficulties. Spectators at the Yale-Penn game were treated to an extra surprise Saturday when the scoreboard temporarily featured desktop logos instead of game scores […]

Tuesday’s Buzz: 10.23.12

THE NEWS When Yale’s two new residential colleges are completed, the student body will grow by roughly 800 students. Though the number of tenured and […]

Cross Campus: 10.22.12

Don’t know what to watch on TV? The News’ website will be live streaming the third presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Republican nominee […]

Monday’s Buzz: 10.22.12

THE NEWS As he awaits his inauguration this Tuesday, Divinity School Dean Gregory Sterling has already started to implement his vision for the school. Sterling, […]