January 17, 2012
Personability matters in educators Antonia Woodford’s article (“Grad School divided over interviews“; Jan. 11) reveals a disturbing aspect of graduate work in the humanities. Faculty opposition to the policy of interviewing applicants illuminates how we have neglected the role of teaching in scholarship. Faculty insistence that “personabilty” is irrelevant to work in the humanities (as »

NEWS’ VIEW: What Williams taught us

January 13, 2012
When the football coach resigned, he reminded us what dishonesty should mean. Tom Williams was not mentioned in the press conference introducing Yale’s new head football coach Thursday. Yale fans want to look forward, not back at Williams’ sudden departure amid controversy about the accuracy of his resume. But we should remember the scandal that »

NEWS’ VIEW: Fix shopping period, one seminar at a time

January 11, 2012
Shopping period offers us the luxury of sampling classes before we choose them. But when it comes to seminars, it causes more anguish and lost time than it is worth. Last year, we proposed that Yale adopt a preregistration system for seminars. Students would be able to sign up before the start of the term, »

The News congratulates its newest staffers

December 7, 2011
On Friday, the Oldest College Daily held its spring semester staff inductions. It is with great pride that we announce the newest inductees to the Yale Daily News. STAFF REPORTERS Alex Chituc Waverly, N.Y Charles Condro Midlothian, Va. Monica Disare Hamburg, N.Y. Aleksandra Gjorgievska Skopje, Macedonia Sophie Gould South Hamilton, Mass. Sophia Grais Scarsdale, N.Y. »

NEWS’ VIEW: Remembering the tailgate tragedy

November 28, 2011
The collision at the Yale Bowl last Saturday shocked us all. It turned the normally festive atmosphere of The Game into one of grief and confusion. In the hours immediately after the tragedy, we wanted facts to comfort us. Information might answer the question we couldn’t escape: Why? What we found, first in the New »

LETTERS: 11.28.11

November 28, 2011
Not invincible For all our intelligence and talents, Yale students seem to accidentally hurt themselves and others alarmingly often. Being surrounded by gifted people who make everything look easy causes us to have undue confidence in our own abilities and to overlook the gravity of what we’re doing. The first thing you learn from your »

NEWS’ VIEW: Free speech and Sex Week

November 14, 2011
President Richard Levin chose not to kill Sex Week last Thursday. He could easily have banned it. Instead, he decided to stand up for free speech on campus — we think. In its report released last Thursday, the Advisory Committee on Campus Climate recommended banning Sex Week because its most recent iterations have not promoted »

LETTER: An alderman to be proud of

November 9, 2011
I owe belated thanks to Saybrook College Dean Paul McKinley for deciding in the summer of 2007 to place Mike Jones ’11 and me in the same cramped suite in Lanman-Wright Hall. Mike and I grew to be close friends, and I consider myself lucky to have lived with him for all four years of »

NEWS’ VIEW: Sarah Eidelson ’12 for Ward 1

November 7, 2011
Of the two Ward 1 aldermanic candidates, one is an ambitious Yale man, a slick politician. The other is a perhaps less flashy but equally motivated statesman — or stateswoman, as she might correct us — who has devoted the last three years of her life to making New Haven her home. Because of the »

ABOUTORABI: Education and authority

October 28, 2011
Last week, Nathaniel Zelinsky advanced a twofold argument: A university community should never infringe on students’ and faculty’s right to “unbridled free speech,” but it should not hesitate to take “moral and intellectual stances” defending good ideas against the onslaught of bad ones (“The academy’s moral duty,” Oct. 17). To permit expression need not be »

NEWS’ VIEW: Our masters need to make up for the loss of crests

October 26, 2011
Caring deeply about our new dining hall plates seems petty. They are generic, but they will cut down on both food waste and theft. Still, we cannot warm up to them. We look at the new white china and miss the distinct college identities the old plates carried. But we’re also unsure what those identities »

LETTER: Uncovering the anonymity of Palestinian prisoners

October 24, 2011
On Friday, Hana Awwad asked us to join her in lamenting the lack of Wikipedia entries for 10 specific Palestinian prisoners who were released in the recent Israeli hostage-Palestinian criminal exchange and called on us to celebrate them. I would like to help rectify this anonymity by providing profiles behind some of the names she »