• After receiving input from students, faculty and alumni, the Presidential Search Committee released a statement Tuesday detailing the qualities it considers most important during the search for Yale’s next president. The statement was published on Yale’s website and included in an email to students containing University updates, but only two of 10 students interviewed had been aware of the statement’s existence. Most students and faculty interviewed said they considered the statement “general” and “obvious.”
  • Five female leaders, each from different nations, defended their right to be influential before a group of roughly 80 attendees Tuesday evening. The Yale World Fellows program, along with four other partner organizations, brought together the five women from several different sectors — including politics, non-profits, business and academia — to explore the biases preventing contemporary women from attaining prominence in the professional world.
  • On Tuesday afternoon, international photographer Kike Calvo presented on his evolution from focusing on nature photography to documenting human life. Calvo, a photojournalist represented by the National Geographic Collection and The New York Times, gave a lecture to 37 Yalies in a Davenport College Master’s Tea titled “Life as a Photographer.”


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