The elephant in the room… A large gray elephant was found seemingly wounded outside a classroom in WLH. Passersby reported seeing a gang of poachers chasing the 8,000-pound African mammal for its ivory. But they quickly realized their dreams of ivory were full of hot air as they approached the plastic carcass.

A family affair. For those of you hoping to dine out this weekend, you might want to reserve your seats early. The University is expected to welcome hordes of parents and relatives for its annual Family Weekend. So Yalies, get ready to mingle and play tour guide for the next few days.

Honoring his life. Several students in Davenport organized a birthday party on Thursday night in memory of Zach Brunt ’15, a Davenport student who died last spring. The gathering included snacks and refreshments, and students in attendance lit orange sky-lanterns in remembrance.

One man campaign. A School of Management alumnus has nominated himself for the University’s top job. In a recent column, Wick Sloane SOM ’84 openly declared his candidacy for presidency of Yale and outlined — in detail — his “Eli-genda,” which included apologizing for the Iraq War, keeping dining halls open and free for Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, closing the School of Management and withholding checks from students who fail pop quizzes on the battles listed in Commons.

A rainbow hits Cross Campus. LGBT Co-op organizers set up a makeshift door draped by a rainbow flag on Thursday as part of an effort to celebrate “National Coming Out Day.” Passersby were encouraged to walk through the door frame as a symbolic interpretation of “coming out of the closet.” Organizers said roughly 60 to 100 students walked through the door, while others grabbed rainbow-colored support stickers.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1980 Victors celebrate their previous day’s win in the “New Haven Bed Race,” in which 41 five-person teams of bed-racers rolled their beds down a 60-yard course on Temple Street. “We’re the fastest in bed,” boasted one competitor after winning the preliminary heat. The event raised $10,000 for charity and drew over 1,000 spectators, including one clown who gave away balloons and goodies.