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  1. WEEKEND PLAYS CUPID: The Blindest Date

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    This year, WEEKEND received a record number of applications (or at least we think so — we’re not good with numbers)  for our Valentine’s Day Blindest Date contest. There were many qualified candidates for very few — 20! —  available spots. Without further ado, we present a set of guys and gals for your judging. They are charming, witty, potato-loving! At the end of our online voting session, the top Bachelor and Bachelorette will be paired together in a rendezvouz for the ages. Get yo’ love guru on. 


    The Gals

    Bachelorette #1

    Major: I’m an architecture major, but I’m not artsy. Or hipster.

    Interests: I enjoy running, reading, drawing and cooking – and by cooking I mean eating (especially trying new restaurants).

    Hidden Talent(s): Unfortunately, I don’t have any hidden talents, but I’m pretty competent at the oboe and organizing plans. Oh! I also love traveling and will go anywhere on a whim, so I suppose I’m spontaneous.

    Celebrity Spirit Animal: My spirit animal would probably be a polar bear because they’re aggressive fighters and gentle lovers.

    Looking for: I’m not really sure what I’m looking for. If I could condense it to one statement: Natalie Portman in male form. Obviously someone who would make me laugh and bring snacks and coffee to the arch studio at three am would be ideal.


    Bachelorette #2

    Major: Happiness

    Interests: Night runs; blowing soap bubbles; dancing in heels; going on adventures with Hercule Poirot.

    Hidden Talent(s): Predicting relationships before they happen; reciting Friends dialogues verbatim; doing that thing with your tongue where it looks like a clover; cooking minute mac & cheese in 57 seconds (bam!)

    Celebrity Spirit Animal: Emma Stone

    Looking for: Someone who can microwave popcorn without burning it; can convince my suitemates to let me adopt a lab; will wear a bowtie; can decipher what Sean Paul is saying in “Temperature” because let’s face it, that man is utterly incomprehensible.


    Bachelorette #3

    Major: Psychology so I can basically learn to read people’s minds.

    Interests: Eating the chocolate brownie pudding dessert thing from the dining hall with ice cream, procrastinating on anything and everything, watching How I Met Your Mother and admittedly, the Bachelor, getting annoyed when people mistake cross-country skiing for downhill, and listening to One Direction, which is what I’m during currently.

    Hidden Talent(s): Being able to hold my breath for a grand total of 47 seconds, making things awkward for myself and running kind of fast.

    Celebrity Spirit Animal: Diego from “Ice Age,” because he’s sassy.

    Looking for: Someone who is really, really ridiculously good looking, thinks I’m funny, eats as much ice cream as me, can deal with my sarcasm and loves cats. The loving cats qualification is probably the most important. Meow.


    Bachelorette #4

    Major: idk

    Interests: eating dancing singing potatoes

    Hidden Talent(s): N/A

    Celebrity spirit animal: Scrat from “Ice Age.”

    Looking for: potatoes


    Bachelorette #5

    Major: Get back to me in a year

    Interests: Eating bagels, listening to Australian radio, talking about people, making puns, taking really long showers

    Hidden Talent(s): All my talents are pretty overt

    Celebrity Spirit Animal: Chris Lilley

    Looking for: Someone who can still understand me when I’m at a party and the music is loud (or just moderately loud. or no music. its the accent). Or really just anything with a heartbeat, lets be honest.


    Bachelorette #6

    Major:  I’m an Anthropology and Biology (intensive) double major, so basically I’m a super nerd.

    Interests: I’m interested in evolutionary medicine, and hiking, and camping, and hanging with friends, and drinking (woooo 21!), and turning all activities into nude activities.

    Hidden Talent(s): I’m not very good at hiding anything, so I wouldn’t say any of my talents are hidden, but I’m super awesome at finding people apartments (which I do to avoid thinking about finding myself an apartment).

    Celebrity Spirit Animal: Ellen Page

    Looking for: Someone to join me for a free meal I guess.  I guess that somebody cool would be cool too.


    Bachelorette #7

    Major: Architecture

    Interests: Cycling, froyo, building and designing sets, froyo, my bike, architecture, froyo—and I’d like to let everyone know Amy made me do this.

    Hidden Talent(s): German Pictionary (somehow I’m better at illustrating words in German).

    Celebrity Spirit Animal: Jennifer Lawrence? Or is this supposed to be an animal that is a celebrity? The Taco Bell Dog?

    Looking for: That they know how and when to not give a fuck (I’m still figuring that out).


    Bachelorette #8

    Major: English 

    Interests: I’m a human of the female variety. By that I mean I’m a girl. I have a tendency, which some people find annoying but which you (significant other) might find endearing, of clarifying myself constantly. Some things I like are koalas, the Yankees, ice-skating, my three dogs and two younger brothers, and World War II history.

    Hidden Talent(s): I am secretly good at sailing and spiraling a football. I am also good at Pictionary and I love camping.

    Celebrity Spirit Animal: I have no celebrity spirit animal.

    Looking for: Someone who is honest and direct at all times, funny most of the time and who will accompany me on snowy adventures. He also must enjoy looking at paintings (not all kinds of paintings, but some paintings) and talking about them.


    Bachelorette #9

    Major: Economics and Theatre Studies

    Interests: I love to sing, dance, horseback ride, hike, run, color, travel, zip-line, and eat. Oh and I love stories.

    Hidden Talent(s): I can lick my elbow, stand on top of my toes, and have a twisted vertebra in my back!

    Celebrity Spirit Animal: My celebrity spirit animal would probably be a mix of Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel if you can imagine that…a bit of smart class with a whole lot of quirk.

    Looking for: I guess I just want someone who’s obsessed with all music, and love to just try everything. Optimism is essential because I think that anything is possible, and I want someone who encourages that mindset not someone who will shoot me down. However I need someone comfortable in their own skin with their own opinion… I have to be with someone who’s interesting and curious about the simplest things.


    Bachelorette #10

    Major: English and Economics

    Interests: My favorite books are Anna Karenina, The Great Gatsby, and Lady Chatterley’s Lover. My favorite movies are Romeo and Juliet (1996), Cruel Intentions, and American Psycho.

    Hidden Talent(s): My hidden talent is snowboarding (you probably wouldn’t guess that looking at me hehe).

    Celebrity Spirit Animal: Nemo is probably my celebrity spirit animal; I’m a pretty curious individual and a bit of a thrill seeker!

    Looking for: I’d say that I am interested in someone with a big heart and a happy disposition. I’m looking for someone that knows what he wants with his life…if he can quote literature, that’s a plus!

    The Guys

    Bachelor #1

    Major: How would you define a biology major who also believes in divine creation?

    Interests: What would you say about someone who has as much fun baking cookies as he does doing competitive online Pokemon battling?

    Hidden Talent(s): Does reciting an entire book of Jack Prelutsky poems from memory qualify as a talent?

    Looking for: Would it be so wrong for a self-designated Idris Elba to ask for a woman with a robust sense of humor and a love of NBC mockumentaries?  Or that she be willing to watch me sample every flavor at Ashley’s before getting a waffle cone with two scoops of Butter Crunch once a week for the rest of my life?  Am I just looking for someone to answer all my questions?


    Bachelor #2

    Major: Economics

    Interests: I like football. I play football. Sleeping and scratching my body.

    Hidden Talent(s): Pastry chef since age 15.

    Looking for: When it comes to dating, I look for women who are athletic, down-to-earth and smaller than me. That’s it. And somebody who can scratch me. In fact, even writing this is really hard because I have to scratch myself for five minutes after every word. So this is 150 words x 5 minutes per word = 150 x 5 = 150150150150150 minutes. Anyways, I will close with this short rhyme:


    I ain’t gonna rhyme.


    Bachelor #3

    Major: Economics

    Interests: Despite being a natural at rowing, he is a true gentleman, and it has been said that [Bachelor #3]’s wit makes lesser men tremble. He’s currently on the varsity crew team and on the Canadian national team at home. He likes to think of himself as an outgoing individual who loves to please other people. He would love to take you on a nice quiet walk or chat with you over a candlelit dinner.

    Hidden Talent(s): Unfortunately, his hidden talents will remain a secret.

    Celebrity Spirit Animal: Seabiscuit, because of his determination to achieve.

    Looking for: His ideal woman would be one who is athletic, outgoing and likes to have fun but who also wouldn’t mind spending a romantic night at home.


    Bachelor #4

    Major: Engineering

    Interests: Cycling, music, robotics, traveling

    Hidden Talent(s): I can drive stick shift, Greek dancing

    Celebrity Spirit Animal: John Stamos

    Looking for: Someone easy to talk to, fun, genuine. And someone who can tolerate my love for bad puns.


    Bachelor #5

    Major: Mathematics

    Interests: Nature, piano, basketball, wakeboarding (back in the day)

    Hidden Talent(s): I can wiggle my ears and hair at the same time. Also, I’m really good at certain video games.

    Celebrity Spirit Animal: Billy Crudup

    Looking for: Hopefully a human being. After that, it’s pretty much gravy, but someone who listens well would be nice.


    Bachelor #6

    Major: Cognitive science with a concentration on decision-making and morality

    Interests: I am a man. I have the potential to grow a  beard, but rarely do. I see myself going into something creative and entrepreneurial — likely a vegan restaurant or bakery. I am a man. Or maybe I’ll go into radio journalism.

    Hidden Talent(s): I am a man. I can juggle apples and eat one of them at the same time. I can also make a pun out of anything. How you like dem apples? I look forward to eating your (vegan friendly) food.

    Celebrity Spirit Animal: Baloo from the Jungle Book.

    Looking for: I’m looking for someone who can make me laugh and who I can be totally at ease with. Preferably someone who likes folk and jazz music; if they can sing, all the better.


    Bachelor #7

    Major: Lazer

    Interests: Pinteresting, scrapbooking, race walking

    Hidden Talent(s): I am like a tiger.

    Celebrity Spirit Animal: Mike Tyson

    Looking for: ~//~*L0V3*~//~


    Bachelor #8

    Major: Astronomy and physics

    Interests: Dancing (with the Yale Ballet Company and Sabrosura), Gogol, helping others, and star-gazing (duh 🙂 )

    Hidden Talent(s): 8+ years of playing acoustic and electric guitar leads to an occasional serenade 🙂

    Celebrity Spirit Animal: None other than my most passionate man crush — Ryan Gosling!

    Looking for: A down-to-earth personality not averse to a romantic relationship and affection, open-mindedness, a sense of humor and honesty.


    Bachelor #9

    Major: Philosophy

    Interests: Music, theater, musical theater, the Art Gallery, critical thought, spirited argument, witty repartee, tea, comparative mythology, archetypal quest stories

    Hidden Talent(s): Playing songs by ear, voice acting/ vocal impressions, really good at remembering names

    Celebrity Spirit Animal: Mark Hamill

    Looking for: Someone to share the view at the top of the world (or at least the top of East Rock) with, and to have a deep conversation with during the climb.


    Bachelor #10

    Major: Economics

    Interests: Urban development … but like taking classes from a variety of disciplines like philosophy and political science.

    Hidden Talent(s): I was going to say cooking … but I think it is more like eating! I guess it is not a talent per say, but I love eating food, eating food with people, sharing food with people, making food with people.

    Celebrity Spirit Animal: Tom Hanks. I have been told that my spirit animal in general is either a St. Bernard or St. Bernese Mountain Dog.

    Looking for: I am looking for someone who is introspective yet outgoing, someone who will challenge me yet be able to compromise and someone who is dependable and independent.


    Clarification: Feb. 14

    A previous version of this article incorrectly stated the response to the “Looking for” section of Bachelorette #10’s profile.

  2. The (Final) Blindest Date

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    Our final Blindest Date was a pizza extravaganza! Our musical lovebirds, songstress Emma and guitarist Will, made their way to Kitchen Zinc this week, where they both had their first actual date (ahem, thanks YDN!). We hope you enjoy their stories. And as for our little social experiment: The Blindest Date shall return next year with a new batch of eligible, keen Yalies. Thanks for tagging along for the ride. Now get out. Catch you on the flipside, lovers!



    Though well-familiar with the walk to one of my top 3 New Haven restaurants, I wound up eight minutes early. I hid in the crook of a building, called my mom for support and at 6:28 p.m. headed inside, slipping through the velvet curtain and waltzing up to the hostess.

    “Hi there,” I said. “I’m here for a date.” She looked at me blankly.

    “It’s a blind date.”

    She kindly asked what I wanted to do. Should she take his name and call me over?

    “I don’t know his name,” I blurted. “But he has red hair. They told me he has red hair. I’m here for a contest. I can just get a table and then look for him.”

    She nodded and smiled. “Okay.” She led me to a table near the bar.

    Kitchen Zinc was made for dates. The intimate space is packed with rows of tables for two, small squares big enough for pizza and two pairs of elbows to lean on.

    I downed a pitcher of water before I saw a redhead by the door and waved. Will mentioned he knew me from “Daily Themes.” I probably looked perplexed because I didn’t recall him. My brain was preoccupied with signaling me to sit like a normal person.

    Excited to sample the menu, we ordered two pizzas to share: the prosciutto special, a personal favorite, and a new one with broccoli rabe, sausage and hot peppers.

    The conversation flowed from classes and activities to how we skied over spring break (he’s a pro, tackling Swiss mountains, while in upstate New York I tried for the first and last time), to television (he joked that he’s “bad at watching it”), to movies (we both saw only one major film last year).

    The whole time, I didn’t know where to look. I stared at his face. When I felt that was awkward, I glanced away, only to repeat the cycle.

    I felt relieved to learn I wasn’t the only one who had never been on a blind date, or for that matter a real date where you sit across the table from someone and that table isn’t in a dining hall. We agreed that we were doing pretty well. I asked who was his “Daily Themes” tutor and was baffled to learn we had the same one.

    Will and I had much in common, including the fact that we both had rehearsals to get to. Suddenly it was almost 8 p.m. — you know the conversation is going well when neither person pulls out a phone for almost two hours. We walked back and parted ways at WLH.

    Halfway through rehearsal, when I had finally come down from my jittery high, it struck me. Not only was he in my class and shared a tutor, but we had once been in the same four-person critique group. I had read and discussed five of his pieces, among them a particularly enjoyable “Jabberwocky”-esque theme about the fictitious fishlike groolaï.

    I’m so clueless that I failed to see my blind date wasn’t even blind.



    What do you call a blind date that isn’t totally blind? A myopic date! Har har! I refrained from making this really terrible joke during my date with Emma, though it crossed my mind when I arrived at Kitchen Zinc and realized that I kinda sorta knew her already: We are both in “Daily Themes,” and we have the same writing tutor (hi, Donald Brown!).

    The next few minutes after I sat down were like some great purging of all of the nervous laughter I thought would plague me the whole night. We laughed about: the ridiculousness of the whole blind date situation, the nice YDN photographer who took 100 shots from various angles while we awkwardly posed, and telling our waiter that we needed more time to look at the menu because we had just been paparazzi’d.

    After the stifled laughs left us, we settled into a great, relaxed conversation. Over the course of our lovely dinner, we learned that we actually had quite a bit in common. Our dialogue flowed naturally as we traded shared facts about ourselves, like this dinner being our first “real” date ever, our passion for music, our uncertainty about how Credit/D/Fail really works and the hefty commitment of our extracurriculars: She a member of an a cappella group, I a member of an improv group.

    Also, we are both 20, and thus were unable to partake in some of the delicious-sounding beer with which the waiter taunted us. Boo. What we did order more than made up for it: one red pizza (sausage + broccoli rabe + spicy peppers = woo!) and one white pizza (prosciutto + pine nuts + balsamic glaze = sweet!), both delicious. We realized we still had some more money in our budget, so we considered a dessert. However, we both had rehearsal for our respective groups at 8 p.m., and time was running out. A nice compromise: We ordered a dessert pizza (thin crust + mascarpone cheese + pears = love!) to go. We left Kitchen Zinc after 8 p.m., already late but not caring. With personal pizza boxes in hand containing our evenly split dessert, we walked together to our shared rehearsal location, WLH, and parted ways with a hug. I did it! My first blind date! I didn’t make awful jokes, but I did make a new friend!

  3. THE BLINDEST DATE: Recaps #2

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    Our two lovely winners tell us all about their first encounter. We see lots of <3’s in their future!



    As we arrived at Thali Too, she seemed slightly disappointed that it was a vegetarian restaurant since she is a self-proclaimed carnivore. So she asked our waiter for suggestions and we ended up with two great curries, a beer for her (in celebration of a hugely successful day at her lab) and a mango lassi for me.

    After Allie (the Yale Daily News photographer) came by to be our paparazzi, we got to talking about our lives on campus — our gripes with balancing a science major with extracurriculars, and our hometowns, which really couldn’t be more different. She’s a California girl who can’t stand a cloudy day, and I’m a hearty New Englander partial to the four seasons.

    The conversation carried on easily; we ended up talking about our respective summers abroad in Europe, and our shared interest in history of science. She even asked my opinion on the Darwin-Wallace debate (swoon!). Towards the end of the meal, she tentatively asked if I was interested in dessert, to which I answered with a resounding “of course!” since I have never in my life turned down an opportunity to indulge my sweet tooth.

    We didn’t want to stop chatting after we were done with the meal and the restaurant had already emptied, so we con- tinued at her apartment right around the corner. We discussed feminism, queer politics, our experiences in Catholic families (things that are completely out of line on a first date, I hear), but she was such an easy conversationalist and had such interesting opinions that it seemed to work quite well.

    Before (what seemed like) very long, I looked at my watch and realized that it was 11 p.m. and I hadn’t touched my homework yet, so after a quick exchange of numbers and a promise of raspberry margaritas, I headed back to Timothy Dwight.



    It was a cold Monday night. One in which I had been trapped in a lab for several hours, and so I was not looking forward to the chilly walk back to my apartment. When I looked up at the clock after running my last experiment, I realized that I was already late.

    On the way over, I realized that it was probably not my dread of the cold so much as my fear of meeting someone completely new that caused this tardiness. Would we have stuff to talk about, or would dinner be filled with awkward pauses followed by the general questions ingrained into every Yalie’s social arsenal since freshman year? After quickly showering, I ran off to find out.

    When I arrived, a few minutes late, Kristen was standing outside, under the shadow of the Apple store. We introduced ourselves briefly, and she held the door to Thali Too open for me as we went inside. The waiter showed us to our table, and we tried to decide what to order. Neither of us had been to Thali Too before, so we decided to get recommendations from the waiter, both of which turned out to be delicious.

    As the night went on, we talked about various topics, from Darwin to how Celine Cuevas ’15, a mutual friend, is an unbelievably productive person. We finished up with dessert and then walked down Broadway.

    When we stopped in front of my apartment, Kristen had just been in the middle of what seemed to be a long story, so I invited her up because of the freezing cold. There, we talked for a few more hours until she finally decided it was time for her to head home and start work. She asked for my number, and then I showed her out. I thought about walking her home, but figured the walk would give her time to decompress from our long night. She told me she’d call me; I told her that I had a great time and that I would be down to hang out again.

  4. THE BLINDEST DATE: Dating Poll #3

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    Here we go — the last hoorah, the final frontier: The Heterosexual Scene! The straighties flooded — FLOODED — our email inboxes with requests and profiles, clamoring to earn a coveted spot in our dating game.

    Read through these profiles and vote for your favorite bachelor and your favorite bachelorette. The two winners will be paired up and sent on a blind date! Share this poll with EVERYONE YOU KNOW. We know you want to. PLUS: Read all about our second Blindest Date winners’ vegetarian adventure.


    The Guys

    Bachelor #1

    Major: Applied mathematics

    Interests: Basketball, singing, video games, track and field.

    Random fact: I try to appear really bad ass, but I’m really just an awkward hopeless romantic.

    Looking for: A lady who has good manners, who is easy to talk to, who has passion for what she does.

    Bachelor #2

    Major: American Studies

    Interests: Other people’s passions.

    Random fact: I was bullied in middle school.

    Looking for: Eye contact, spunky, self-deprecating.

    Bachelor #3

    Major: Economics

    Interests: Huntin’ bucks and drivin’ trucks.

    Random fact: I’ve never actually shot a buck, but I do have a truck.

    Looking for: Someone to cruise the dirt roads with me.

    Bachelor #4

    Major: Writing concentrator doing a poetry thesis.

    Interests: Fresh water aquariums, poetry, Freud, certain particular mothers. The television show TUGS.

    Random fact: Two — Harold Bloom called me “The Gloomy Thersites of [my] generation.” My therapist said I could be a professional amends writer.

    Looking for: Courage.

    Bachelor #5

    Major: Sociology and Environmental Studies

    Interests: Having a good time, music, cooking, dancing and making people laugh.

    Random fact: I used to dance on old-school 4-wheeled skates.

    Looking for: A chill girl who is easygoing and willing to try new things.

    Bachelor #6

    Major: Biomedical Engineering

    Interests: Hip-hop and soul, long boarding, hiking, football, and just hanging out with friends.

    Random fact: I’m trilingual and my name rhymes with a famous landmark.

    Looking for: Someone who finds joy in the little things. Someone calm and collected. Someone who likes to go out and have fun.

    Bachelor #7

    Major: Mechanical Engineering

    Interests: Raging, traveling (especially abroad), the outdoors, volleyball, flute, social entrepreneurship, global health, raging.

    Random fact: Half Cambodian, half Latvian/Russian.

    Looking for: Adventurous, solid sense of humor, athletic, easygoing, confident, fun.

    Bachelor #8

    Major: Sociology

    Interests: Break dancing, writing music, watching and talking about movies.

    Random fact: A long, long time ago, I was rocking a jew-fro.

    Looking for: A girl who’s got some sass in her and knows how to use it.

    Bachelor #9

    Major: History and Philosophy

    Interests: I love backpacking, rock climbing, and whitewater kayaking. I have a love for music (I play the bass guitar with a bunch of different guys around campus), international relations, normative ethics, animal rights, soccer, the Green Bay Packers and collies.

    Random fact:  I have a twin brother at the University of Florida

    Looking for: A cute girl who is willing to have some fun, who is funny and who is outgoing.

    Bachelor #10

    Major: Physics

    Interests: Pottery, metalworking, running, rock climbing, reading Russian literature.

    Random fact:  I once went into zero gravity!

    Looking for: I would love someone who is interested in doing things outside, like hiking in the woods, playing frisbee, or laying on the grass (at least when it is warmer).

    Bachelor #11

    Major: Music

    Interests: Songwriting, “Arrested Development,” improv comedy, Carly Rae Jepsen, sushi.

    Random fact:  I once won a pie-eating contest. It was blueberry.

    Looking for: A genuine connection during conversation, even if we’re talking about the weather.

    The Gals

    Bachelorette #1

    Bachelorette #2

    Major: Molecular, cellular and developmental biology

    Interests: Dancing, Google Docs, dogs, smoothies, the fact that mike from “Homeland” is Shane Omen from “Mean Girls.” And smiling’s my favorite!

    Random fact: In kindergarten, my career goal was to work at Subway because I thought latex gloves were awesome.

    Looking for: A guy who’s sweet, funny, really passionate about something, and just has that boom badoom boom boom badoom boom bass.

    Bachelorette #3

    Major: Anthropology. Otherwise known as “academic people watching.”

    Interests: Making music, YouTube videos, cooking sumptuous feasts for friends, mental health, interior & graphic design, whiskey & ginger, cats & dogs, my family, and the trajectory of Lykke Li, Robyn, and other Swedish pop stars’ careers within the American pop landscape.

    Random fact: I have three tattoos, only two of which you can see with the *naked* eye!

    Looking for: Somebody with a lot of love to give, a lot of knowledge to share, and enough time to enjoy a good adventure each week.

    Bachelorette #4

    Major: Anthropology (#anthro4ever — ask me about my main man Clifford Geertz!)

    Interests: Wine tasting, late-night Hemingway, border crossings, all things fur, vodka martinis (straight- up), post-modern feminism, and the 3 “R”s: red lipstick, Rudy’s and rowers.

    Random fact: I won my county’s spelling bee championship. Twice.

    Looking for: I like quirk, a healthy sense of adventure, and abs. Ideally he can talk about Tolstoy, fix things when they break and ski. Foreign accents a plus. Nice Jewish boys finish first.

    Bachelorette #5

    Major: Global Affairs and Ethnicity, Race & Migration

    Interests: Dancing on elevated surfaces, traveling to countries that most people deem “dangerous,” talking to random people on the street without getting jumped.

    Random fact: Dave Matthews once asked me to hop into a hot tub of German chocolate cake with him.

    Looking for: Someone who is witty and doesn’t take himself too seriously; someone who is worldly yet overall has interests different from mine such that I can learn from him. He also would preferably be over 5’11” but that is negotiable.

    Bachelorette #6

    Major: Mafia Studies (lots of real-world business experience, but a suspiciously low graduation rate …)

    Interests: Bicycles, burritos, beer and bubble baths.

    Random fact: I sat next to Jay-Z at the Miami airport and got so nervous that when I said hello, I called him “Mr. Jay-Z.”

    Looking for: The fashion sense of Dean Marichal Gentry, the gravitas of Ronnell Higgins, the mustache of Peter Salovey and the money of Richard Levin.

    Bachelorette #7

    Major: Psychology

    Interests: Crossword puzzles, long walks, yoga and Joan Didion.

    Random fact: I’ve never spent more than $15 on a haircut.

    Looking for: Someone who is unpretentious and honest, and likes wine.

    Bachelorette #8

    Major: History (?)

    Interests: Everything and yet nothing. More specifically, jug band music, Anselm Kiefer, hockey, G&T, sleeping on couches, hiking, hedgehogs, George Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language”, Catch-22s, the environment, skinny-dipping.

    Random fact: The other morning I cried over how beautiful whale sharks are.

    Looking for: Dark hair, cynicism, glasses, knowledge of obscure Eastern European historical figures, cynicism, interesting/cute birthmark, cynicism, desire to move to New Mexico and start an arts commune. Must like 4 a.m. strolls through New Haven.

    Bachelorette #9

    Major: Political Science (Environmental politics)

    Interests: Singing and wine and humor.

    Random fact: A man once pulled up his pant leg to show me a tattoo of himself as a pinup girl.

    Looking for: Someone who makes me want to be a better person.

    Bachelorette #10

    Major: Economics

    Interests: Sporcle, Scrabble, playground swings, The Beatles, the NHL, all kinds of cheeses, Eskimo kisses and overweight animals.

    Random fact: I dyed part of my hair purple as a reward for getting a summer job! But nobody can see it! 🙁

    Looking for: Someone who is goofy, hunky and kind, and smells nice. He’d stop tickling me when I say so and understand when I take the whole blanket. he isn’t too cool to hold my hand or my pet hamster.

    Bachelorette #11

    Major: Political Science

    Interests: Kitties, film scores, warm cookies, dazzling summer mornings.

    Random fact: I was in a commercial for Lil’ Miss Mermaid bath toys when I was six.

    Looking for: A wicked sense of humor, a kind smile, the body of Michelangelo’s David … someone who will be the king I know he is (the king I see inside).


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    Just two Southern boys, living in a lonely world, taking the 6 p.m. train going to Prime 16. Our first date of the season, despite Mother Nature’s

    weepy disposition, seems to have given our two strapping young winners a nice respite from the Midterm Madness. You can read all about their experience here, but our guess is, they are being a little coy. They are Calhoun neighbors, after all, and there is no saying what will happen behind closed doors. Who needs Grindr when you have WEEKEND?



    I mean, let’s be frank. I give pretty terrible first date. So last week, when I got that fateful message from matchmaker Jordi — “YOU WON THE BLINDEST DATE,” his email gently informed me — I wasn’t so much excited as I was apprehensive. Still, on Tuesday, after a few minutes of quiet reflection in front of one of my more forgiving mirrors, I put on an unobjectionable oxford shirt and my best cardigan, and then I braved the cold, wet walk to the restaurant.

    I got to Prime 16 a little early. Matthew walked in a few minutes later, sporting an easy smile and a comically large umbrella. He said something nebulously charming about the weather. I giggled. The chemistry — and, thus, sexual tension — was unbearably palpable.

    The Yale Daily News had promised that a photographer would come take a picture of us at the beginning of the date, but said photographer never materialized. So after a few minutes, we got ourselves a table. I busied myself with the not-so-inconsequential task of somehow spending $40 at Prime 16.

    I should note that Matthew, Southern gentleman that he is, ordered an iced tea.

    We finally got to talking about our lives. I found out that Matthew lived in Belgium for eight years and that he was taking a trip to Budapest this weekend. (It was quickly established that I knew nothing about Budapest.) I also discovered that he played the double bass; I used to play cello! We jointly reminisced about our respective upright stringed instruments. There was so much goddamn chemistry.

    In an unfortunate incident, he asked me what I planned to do after graduation and I reacted pretty violently. A momentary lapse.

    We left the restaurant and walked back to Calhoun, our college. I bid him farewell and rushed off to my section. All in all, not disastrous. That’s about as good as it gets for me.



    I was going to be pretty early for our date, so I decided to take what any Hounie would call the “long way” to Prime 16: an extra block down College, a leisurely stroll on Crown and then a swift left turn onto Temple. It’s a good thing that I had borrowed my suitemate’s extra-large umbrella for the occasion; on this night New England showered me with rain of a long-forgotten vigor.

    Finally, while approaching the restaurant, I sidestepped a massive puddle and brought my gaze back up just in time to see a slender figure appear out of the shadows ahead of me. After the initial awkward introductions (“Hi, so I’m Matthew”), Isaac led us to a table and nabbed the coveted booth seat. He talked about his experience as a transfer student at Yale, his work with the Yale Daily News, and “30 Rock”’s final season.

    We talked about our mutual friends, our shared major and what a coincidence it was that we both live in Calhoun (Glory to the Mother Houn!). Armed with many stories from my childhood spent abroad and prepared to talk about an upcoming trip to Budapest, I valiantly waged war on awkward silence. Among several LOLs in our conversation, there were also some lulls. So, I launched into a tedious ramble based on what little I know about Hungary, expressing my anticipation for the great goulash I will eat this weekend.

    It was only when our food arrived that I remembered how intimidatingly massive the burgers are at Prime 16. While Isaac neatly polished off his moderately sized beef fare, I struggled with the ginormous slab of chicken sandwich that lay in front of me, first taking a measured approach with the help of my good friends Fork and Knife before diving in elbow-deep for the soppy finale.

    Isaac had another engagement at 7 p.m., so after settling the check we grabbed our things from the coatroom and headed out. I clumsily fiddled with my suitemate’s umbrella, trying to hold it steady as we walked home to Calhoun. I thought myself lucky that the wind didn’t take me up and away, Mary Poppins style. Somewhere near the corner of College and Chapel, I awkwardly realized that Isaac would probably appreciate the shelter of my umbrella.

    Eight years in Brussels were sufficient to condition me to always “go Dutch,” but Isaac, like a true Southern gentleman, insisted on footing the bill. Isaac was kind, sweet, and funny; I enjoyed getting to know him better. A door from his common room opens into my stairwell, so I’m sure I’ll be seeing him around!

  6. THE BLINDEST DATE: Dating Poll #2

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    Read through the profiles of these 10 lovely bachelorettes and vote for your favorite one. The top two vote-earners will be paired up and then sent on a blind date! Results will be announced on Monday. Share this poll on every social media platform you own — be that person. After all, you’re pulling the puppet strings here, baby. Enjoy! PLUS: Read all about our first Blindest Date winners’ spicy rendezvous.


    Bachelorette #1

    Major: Molecular, cellular and developmental biology (probably)

    Interests: Theater, music, coffee, the Sun; when the Blue Line bus comes in time for me not to have to walk up Science Hill.

    Random fact: I thought snow was a figment of the northerners’ imaginations until I came to Yale.

    Looking for: “It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.” I like the former.

    Bachelorette #2

    Major: Women’s, gender and sexuality studies

    Interests: Indie pop, decorative arts, thrifting, cooking, friendly conversation.

    Random fact: I’m really talented at nail art.

    Looking for: Someone whimsical (and a little punny) who can turn anything into a dance party.

    Bachelorette #3

    Major: Drinking wine.

    Interests: Kindness and witty banter.

    Random fact: I love rhythm.

    Looking for: A sweetheart.

    Bachelorette #4

    Major: Molecular, cellular and developmental biology

    Interests: Reading and roller coasters (not at the same time usually).

    Random fact: I can do a one-handed cartwheel.

    Looking for: Someone relaxed, fun and cuddly.

    Bachelorette #5

    Major: Computer science (and maybe Psych? Linguistics?)

    Interests: Art, music, writing, learning, general geekery, Lord of the Rings, open-mindedness, tea and good food.

    Random fact: I’m asexual! (ish)

    Looking for: Actually, I’m just looking for a new friend, someone who likes hugs and/or cuddling, with whom I’d enjoy low-key hanging out — talking, procrastinating, playing games. In a partner, add: romantic, 5’7” +/- 4 inches, a tendency towards non-feminine expression.

    Bachelorette #6

    Major: Ecology and evolutionary biology

    Interests: Bugs, feminism, trashy pop music, Jane Goodall, Twitter, Fall Out Boy’s return from hiatus.

    Random fact: I had pizza with Richard Dawkins last summer.

    Looking for: Someone talkative, laid-back and nonjudgemental, especially regarding my horrible taste in music.

    Bachelorette #7

    Major: Chemical Engineering

    Interests: “How I Met Your Mother,” long and (debatably) productive Gchats, sports, warm weather, 90s jam sessions (clearly the best decade), cooking/baking.

    Random fact: Even though she didn’t donate to the non-profit I was working for, Linda Hamilton from “The Terminator” made me a fruit smoothie to make up for it.

    Looking for: Someone that’s not afraid to be silly, and more importantly, have dance party study breaks during the wee hours of the morning.

  7. THE BLINDEST DATE: Dating Poll

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    Read through the profiles of these 10 lovely bachelors and vote for your favorite one. The top two vote-earners will be paired up and then sent on a blind date! Results will be announced on Monday. Share this poll with your friends, your suitemates, your mom, your dad, your Aunt Lily. The fate of two Yalies is in your hands. Have fun!


    Bachelor #1

    Major: Computer science

    Interests: Music (anything from Ke$ha to Miles Davis to Debussy), drawing (I LOVE to draw, even though I don’t draw much anymore), game shows (please don’t judge me), French, overusing parentheses.

    Random fact: I’ve never seen “Star Wars,” “Lord of the Rings,” “Alice in Wonderland” or a bunch of other childhood staples. But I still had a good childhood, I promise.

    Looking for: I don’t need someone “fierce” or “fabulous.” I just want a gentleman whose heart is in the right place. Preferably someone more masculine.

    Bachelor #2

    Major: Art

    Interests: Poetry, dancing, fast food, cocktails, beautiful music.

    Random fact: I once met Lucy Liu at a Rainforest Café.

    Looking for: Someone silly, hilarious and kind; someone who will wine and dine me at McDonald’s; someone who is soulful when I least expect it.

    Bachelor #3

    Major: Molecular biophysics and biochemistry (wasn’t everyone as a freshman…)

    Interests: Theater, piano, queer issues, adorable animals, regrettable food.

    Random fact: I have an extra bone in my left foot, which people are usually interested in during an icebreaker, but apparently it’s common enough so that it really isn’t that interesting. Perhaps if I had a tentacle…

    Looking for: I really just love to talk and have fun with whomever I’m with. Ideally, I’d be with someone who loves to joke around and laugh, but who makes for interesting conversation. So I suppose I’m looking for Tina Fey as a gay college student.

    Bachelor #4

    Major: What do you do with a bachelor’s in English?

    Interests: Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes. Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes. Silver white winters that melt into springs. These are a few of my favorite things.

    Random fact: Puerto Rico, my heart’s devotion. Let it sink back in the ocean. Always the hurricanes blowing, always the population growing and the money owing and the sunlight streaming

    and the natives steaming. I like the island Manhattan.

    Looking for: Late nights, quick bites, party games, deep talks, long walks, telephone calls. Thoughts shared, souls bared, private names. “With love” filling the days. “With love” 70 ways.

    Bachelor #5

    Major: Music

    Interests: Concerts, musicals, sci-fi/fantasy literature/film/etc., science, moral philosophy.

    Random fact: I have mild sound-color synesthesia.

    Looking for: A good conversationalist with a real passion for something, even if it’s not something I’m super familiar with.

    Bachelor #6

    Major: Undeclared, but interested in Global Affairs or history.

    Interests: I love playing the cello, singing with my friends, hiking in the Rocky Mountains and reading The Economist.

    Random fact: One time, I flew an airplane.

    Looking for: I like giving affection and going on adventures. I’m interested in someone who is passionate about what they do and feels at ease with life.

    Bachelor #7

    Major: Molecular, cellular and developmental biology

    Interests: Performing magic, Rubik’s Cubing, nature, writing, photography, languages, human anatomy and physiology, raspberries and frozen yogurt.

    Random fact: I used to somnambulate routinely as a child.

    Looking for: Someone who can see the real me, who I’ve always wanted to be, yet still like me for my peculiar idiosyncrasies — like my occasional dive into a British accent whenever I am stressed, or my strange obsession with Chinese pop songs, or my perpetual viewings of “Sex and the City” episodes.

    Bachelor #8

    Major: Economics

    Interests: “30 Rock.” Scrabble. Ke$ha. Starbucks. Sporcle. “Mean Girls.” That shirtless guy from the “Call Me Maybe” video.

    Random fact: I recently learned how to knit!

    Looking for: Someone who thinks Malcolm Gladwell is overrated. Someone who enjoys Birthday Cake ice cream as much as I do.

    Bachelor #9

    Major: Economics

    Interests: In my free time, I relish in Belgian chocolate truffles, long walks on the beach and Starbucks.

    Random fact: I quite enjoy reading about international diplomacy and reminiscing about the time when I used to play the double bass.

    Looking for: My ideal guy is romantic, handsome and a little bit silly.

    Bachelor #10

    Major: Art

    Interests: Twerking, cooking, painting, pizza, political organizing, Yiddish.

    Random fact: I give a small amount of credence to astrological systems, because when the Chinese and Greek ones are combined I’m a monkey-goat, which I feel is a fairly accurate summation of my personality.

    Looking for: In descending order of importance — 1. He be creative (in all senses of the word), versatile (in all senses of the word) and open (in all senses of the word).

    2. He be anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-capitalist and very queer.

    3. He have facial hair.