Read through the profiles of these 10 lovely bachelors and vote for your favorite one. The top two vote-earners will be paired up and then sent on a blind date! Results will be announced on Monday. Share this poll with your friends, your suitemates, your mom, your dad, your Aunt Lily. The fate of two Yalies is in your hands. Have fun!


Bachelor #1

Major: Computer science

Interests: Music (anything from Ke$ha to Miles Davis to Debussy), drawing (I LOVE to draw, even though I don’t draw much anymore), game shows (please don’t judge me), French, overusing parentheses.

Random fact: I’ve never seen “Star Wars,” “Lord of the Rings,” “Alice in Wonderland” or a bunch of other childhood staples. But I still had a good childhood, I promise.

Looking for: I don’t need someone “fierce” or “fabulous.” I just want a gentleman whose heart is in the right place. Preferably someone more masculine.

Bachelor #2

Major: Art

Interests: Poetry, dancing, fast food, cocktails, beautiful music.

Random fact: I once met Lucy Liu at a Rainforest Café.

Looking for: Someone silly, hilarious and kind; someone who will wine and dine me at McDonald’s; someone who is soulful when I least expect it.

Bachelor #3

Major: Molecular biophysics and biochemistry (wasn’t everyone as a freshman…)

Interests: Theater, piano, queer issues, adorable animals, regrettable food.

Random fact: I have an extra bone in my left foot, which people are usually interested in during an icebreaker, but apparently it’s common enough so that it really isn’t that interesting. Perhaps if I had a tentacle…

Looking for: I really just love to talk and have fun with whomever I’m with. Ideally, I’d be with someone who loves to joke around and laugh, but who makes for interesting conversation. So I suppose I’m looking for Tina Fey as a gay college student.

Bachelor #4

Major: What do you do with a bachelor’s in English?

Interests: Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes. Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes. Silver white winters that melt into springs. These are a few of my favorite things.

Random fact: Puerto Rico, my heart’s devotion. Let it sink back in the ocean. Always the hurricanes blowing, always the population growing and the money owing and the sunlight streaming

and the natives steaming. I like the island Manhattan.

Looking for: Late nights, quick bites, party games, deep talks, long walks, telephone calls. Thoughts shared, souls bared, private names. “With love” filling the days. “With love” 70 ways.

Bachelor #5

Major: Music

Interests: Concerts, musicals, sci-fi/fantasy literature/film/etc., science, moral philosophy.

Random fact: I have mild sound-color synesthesia.

Looking for: A good conversationalist with a real passion for something, even if it’s not something I’m super familiar with.

Bachelor #6

Major: Undeclared, but interested in Global Affairs or history.

Interests: I love playing the cello, singing with my friends, hiking in the Rocky Mountains and reading The Economist.

Random fact: One time, I flew an airplane.

Looking for: I like giving affection and going on adventures. I’m interested in someone who is passionate about what they do and feels at ease with life.

Bachelor #7

Major: Molecular, cellular and developmental biology

Interests: Performing magic, Rubik’s Cubing, nature, writing, photography, languages, human anatomy and physiology, raspberries and frozen yogurt.

Random fact: I used to somnambulate routinely as a child.

Looking for: Someone who can see the real me, who I’ve always wanted to be, yet still like me for my peculiar idiosyncrasies — like my occasional dive into a British accent whenever I am stressed, or my strange obsession with Chinese pop songs, or my perpetual viewings of “Sex and the City” episodes.

Bachelor #8

Major: Economics

Interests: “30 Rock.” Scrabble. Ke$ha. Starbucks. Sporcle. “Mean Girls.” That shirtless guy from the “Call Me Maybe” video.

Random fact: I recently learned how to knit!

Looking for: Someone who thinks Malcolm Gladwell is overrated. Someone who enjoys Birthday Cake ice cream as much as I do.

Bachelor #9

Major: Economics

Interests: In my free time, I relish in Belgian chocolate truffles, long walks on the beach and Starbucks.

Random fact: I quite enjoy reading about international diplomacy and reminiscing about the time when I used to play the double bass.

Looking for: My ideal guy is romantic, handsome and a little bit silly.

Bachelor #10

Major: Art

Interests: Twerking, cooking, painting, pizza, political organizing, Yiddish.

Random fact: I give a small amount of credence to astrological systems, because when the Chinese and Greek ones are combined I’m a monkey-goat, which I feel is a fairly accurate summation of my personality.

Looking for: In descending order of importance — 1. He be creative (in all senses of the word), versatile (in all senses of the word) and open (in all senses of the word).

2. He be anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-capitalist and very queer.

3. He have facial hair.