Read through the profiles of these 10 lovely bachelorettes and vote for your favorite one. The top two vote-earners will be paired up and then sent on a blind date! Results will be announced on Monday. Share this poll on every social media platform you own — be that person. After all, you’re pulling the puppet strings here, baby. Enjoy! PLUS: Read all about our first Blindest Date winners’ spicy rendezvous.


Bachelorette #1

Major: Molecular, cellular and developmental biology (probably)

Interests: Theater, music, coffee, the Sun; when the Blue Line bus comes in time for me not to have to walk up Science Hill.

Random fact: I thought snow was a figment of the northerners’ imaginations until I came to Yale.

Looking for: “It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.” I like the former.

Bachelorette #2

Major: Women’s, gender and sexuality studies

Interests: Indie pop, decorative arts, thrifting, cooking, friendly conversation.

Random fact: I’m really talented at nail art.

Looking for: Someone whimsical (and a little punny) who can turn anything into a dance party.

Bachelorette #3

Major: Drinking wine.

Interests: Kindness and witty banter.

Random fact: I love rhythm.

Looking for: A sweetheart.

Bachelorette #4

Major: Molecular, cellular and developmental biology

Interests: Reading and roller coasters (not at the same time usually).

Random fact: I can do a one-handed cartwheel.

Looking for: Someone relaxed, fun and cuddly.

Bachelorette #5

Major: Computer science (and maybe Psych? Linguistics?)

Interests: Art, music, writing, learning, general geekery, Lord of the Rings, open-mindedness, tea and good food.

Random fact: I’m asexual! (ish)

Looking for: Actually, I’m just looking for a new friend, someone who likes hugs and/or cuddling, with whom I’d enjoy low-key hanging out — talking, procrastinating, playing games. In a partner, add: romantic, 5’7” +/- 4 inches, a tendency towards non-feminine expression.

Bachelorette #6

Major: Ecology and evolutionary biology

Interests: Bugs, feminism, trashy pop music, Jane Goodall, Twitter, Fall Out Boy’s return from hiatus.

Random fact: I had pizza with Richard Dawkins last summer.

Looking for: Someone talkative, laid-back and nonjudgemental, especially regarding my horrible taste in music.

Bachelorette #7

Major: Chemical Engineering

Interests: “How I Met Your Mother,” long and (debatably) productive Gchats, sports, warm weather, 90s jam sessions (clearly the best decade), cooking/baking.

Random fact: Even though she didn’t donate to the non-profit I was working for, Linda Hamilton from “The Terminator” made me a fruit smoothie to make up for it.

Looking for: Someone that’s not afraid to be silly, and more importantly, have dance party study breaks during the wee hours of the morning.