POETRY: The Collapse

These are the rangelands south of Australian opal fields, cattle-beaten and itching, red as an angry throat. They built boomtowns and picked at the orebody, […]

POETRY: Assimilant

My father’s side dials from landlines: when you are on our end of the Pacific, get on a train and come to New York and […]

POETRY: The Founding of Tyrdin

A tall staircase led up a wall  south of the city’s port and reached around a corner  at the marketplace. One day a merchant came […]

POETRY: unknot

i never use apostrophes where they should be, sentences hanging like a waxing gibbous moon cat emoji, blush emoji, heart emoji, with double 3s  bracketed […]

Mark Chung

June dusk and the air  is like water  pouring over your  skin the dark is rest  for your eyes the night  is bounty. Dusk and  […]

POETRY: Gentle Mother

And even though I tumbled carelessly through the world inside you biding my time to give my word, giving my word while breathing in yours, […]

POETRY: Ghosts

Poetry created from pieces of graffiti in the stacks and confessions from @yale.confessions on Instagram. Every word below was written by someone else, with only […]

POETRY: Atlanticism

the inviolate red rock overlooking the greyed connecticut shore watches sleepily as  we clamber barefoot toward the sea   bottles and books and cheaply made […]

POETRY: Qualms

Mother, quiet and pregnant with fear, raised a daughter with no tongue. I remember in our old house the door opened outward to the grass, […]


there are pomegranates in your cheeks. a saccharine smile leaves the sap in its place. your eyes sparkle with the sugar. there’s a tree in […]

POETRY: Yellow Cento

This poem is a collage poem made from “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.                    there […]