Jessai Flores, Illustrations Editor

Your own past drowns in Bible passages and screams out sin in front of a crowd 

To wrap wounds of generational trauma and ask forgiveness. 

Preacher, who are you without your pulpit, your crazed gospel and hapless sacrilege?

I see headlines and false teachers scheming in their megachurches.

In the shadows, faith leaders use theology to batter scarred women.

In the light, they exile them from churches,

Expelling feminism from sacred spaces,

False prophets use apology to bribe the public,

Hypocrites in holy clothing – darkness underneath their cloaks.

Preacher, who are you behind your pastoral care? 

You set sail on the Arc but jump ship like Jonah.


Ask them about their Trinity, 

Ask them if morality has a key, 

Ask them if they have committed these sins

 — then I am ready for hate speech.