POEM: The Mooring

[after Louise Gluck’s “Grandmother in the Garden”]   The dirt below your tomb has bloomed  with earthworms, and the sun still keeps time in lines […]

POEM: Our Rituals Were Not

By Hudson Warm I. Your Room is a River   & along the red riverbed I find myself & you, resting. The day’s toils flock […]

POEM: Drift

POEM: Little Green Peaches

I missed you while you were beside me / and the feeling filled me like a gas, ballooning / me into a mascot of myself.

POETRY: Breakfast at Savta’s

There was a time / I loved to watch your hands / setting in against the stubborn pan.

A Hunter’s Eulogy for Coyote

He invited us/the hunting dog and me/into the parlor. The old dog/streaked with grey like Coyote/cracked stale tea cookie/against his molars/Crumbs littered a fray-edged rug while/Coyote brewed peppermint tea.


Yesterday, I found a dead sparrow with/no legs, stump body left on Whitney street.

The Real Thing

"Look, though, you can play this quiet kit! / Crush these pedals like thirsty leaves beneath you / or tease them apart like the hairs of a handsome boy."

POETRY: Crickets

for Aaron   Did some Googling: The crickets we hate are two hundred million years older than we are  and they invented music By “we” […]

POETRY: Erica Road

I wake up unwashed  with two rubber bands on my wrist,  extras for you in case  yours break and you go back to  picking away […]

POETRY: To the Preacher

Your own past drowns in Bible passages and screams out sin in front of a crowd  To wrap wounds of generational trauma and ask forgiveness.  […]