Fiction – The Rosebushes

Kyle threw his basketball in the air; on its way down it killed Mrs. Bryant stone dead. It was a clean wholesome April day, and […]


Not only was Jose the youngest in the history of the village to have gone to America, he was also the first to come back. […]

Back Page – Bad Apple

Dear Roberto, I think you knew this was coming. Don’t act like you haven’t let me know things aren’t going well. Even now as I […]

Skipping Stones on the Atlantic

Rain comes slowly to Waverly. Days pass without sunlight while puddles grow and swallow the streets. Boats can’t leave the harbor, so the downtown diners […]

We Are Somnambulists

Emily comes on a cloudless day, and her heart clenches on the stale-air plane with the vastness of it, and only a little panic. Flying […]

First place fiction: ‘Felix or Feelings’

When you don’t have a cat–no, when all you have to play with is a hammer, you name it. The first thing my brother Luis […]

Second place fiction: ‘Secondhand’

Rose Milch had the most popular table at the lawn sale that day, but she cheated with a plate of homemade banana bread and word […]

Third place fiction: ‘Dreaming’

Yesterday night, the night before Martin Luther King Day, I made a list of my black friends. Alex Carter wasn’t on it because we had […]

For a brief time

When I was not yet thirty, I split with my first wife. We were both glad it happened, but we had just moved to Louisville […]

Logo Slogan

When Logo Slogan wakes up in the morning, he thinks the same first thought each time, which is not, contrary to popular belief, that he […]


“Please don’t sit on the cannons,” said the hunchback. “There’s a sign.” Then his face turned the color of the geraniums outside the library doors. […]