Third place fiction: ‘Dreaming’

Yesterday night, the night before Martin Luther King Day, I made a list of my black friends. Alex Carter wasn’t on it because we had […]

For a brief time

When I was not yet thirty, I split with my first wife. We were both glad it happened, but we had just moved to Louisville […]

Logo Slogan

When Logo Slogan wakes up in the morning, he thinks the same first thought each time, which is not, contrary to popular belief, that he […]


“Please don’t sit on the cannons,” said the hunchback. “There’s a sign.” Then his face turned the color of the geraniums outside the library doors. […]


If Peggy and Becca turn up, a dozen kabobs are bound to rematerialize as pulpy orange puke. Ever since I roared out of town in […]

The Operation

Alice went to college not far from where she grew up. The summer before she started her third year, her father announced that he had […]


They worked together at the college newspaper. She had thought he was kind of freaky at first, he was so short and spindly and bearded, […]

To Whom It May Concern

“I’m sorry.” -Letter 50 There are two things I will not do. I will not pry, and I will not tell a secret. It’s hard […]

Dinner Dance

Let’s talk about my days as a ballerina. Dennis Schubert, five-foot-two, lost and pimpled, stuck in a pair of battered flat shoes that my mother […]

November 14, 1987 (Philip Climbs a Tree)

Philip drove to the local hardware store and bought a truckload of recycled wood: smooth, solid wood that would endure the rain and snow. He […]

The Day of the Funeral

The day of the funeral was a beautiful day. Sun shining, birds singing, the whole works. Not exactly the type of day you expect when […]