FICTION: Eighteen

I thought it was a joke when Tyler told me he wanted to get married, so I laughed — a real loud, full belly cackle […]

FICTION: I Get Misty

My special-occasion soap, the lemon verbena with the exfoliating beads, was not behind the half-empty Free and Clear conditioner bottle where I’d left it, which […]

FICTION: Five-Year Plan

You came to America because you had a dream, and now that you’re here the dream is like that song on the radio with the […]

Dora Guo
HUMOR: A Day on Capitol Hill 

In a dreary hearing room, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices staged its first public inquiry. At the center of an elevated, U-shaped table […]

FICTION: Much of Anything

My name is Theo Abelson, and I live in a gray middle-class house on a street of gray middle-class houses in central Connecticut, and I’m […]

FICTION: Mr. Yerigan

Yale Daily News Magazine · Mr. Yerigan Notes for 3/14                                                Am I only one who hates strip-mall high-school-rivalry walks-around-the-reservoir suburban lifestyle? Today Mr. Yerigan (proud, […]

FICTION: Field Trip

Despite my best passive aggression, my mother took a Wednesday afternoon off from her extremely demanding job as the E.D. (executive director) of an elite […]

FICTION: An Infernal Correspondence

To the Headmaster of the 23rd Celestial Academy Dear Seraph, Not long ago, in the southerly regions of Limbo, one of our patrols apprehended a […]

Purple Flowers

Ms. Blok wears see-through, cream-colored shirts to school every day. Her bra today is dark purple, clearly a size too small for her, and her […]

Laying Day

It was Laying Day. Sam shivered in line outside Susan B. Anthony High School and chewed over the rumors: The exacting judges, the rare perfect […]

A Portrait of the Art Historian as a Young Man

She was wearing a black dress, he thought. Or at least it looked black; in this dimness (“warehouse lighting,” he called it privately, “ambiance lighting,” […]

Keyi Cui