FICTION: Mermaids Worship the Fire

The mermaid’s back is killing her. She wishes she’d been whittled into a less awkward posture—sitting, standing even, not bending belly-up across the fireplace. No […]

FICTION: Duty Bound

He’d always had the feeling that his mother would die for him. It still came as a surprise when she actually did—a foot in the dark expecting one more step. Now he was alive and she wasn’t. That had never been true before.


People are hollow like ghosts, and the whole world is hollow, and I can’t get over that lurking sadness. Most days I wake up thinking […]

FICTION: Saturday morning I consider being an English major

Humanities majors might not have the best starting salary but “that doesn’t mean we don’t have an upwards trajectory.”


In the days and even in the hours leading up to Margot’s first boy-girl pool party, I practiced taking my clothes off in front of […]

FICTION: The Rubber Band Test

At the seafood section of Buddha Amazing Market, the reek of death was especially prominent. The lobster tanks spellbound Trời and Lá. In one glass […]

FICTION: The Whistle of a Pressure Cooker

On the eve of his long journey to America, Ronit Lobo — that is, Swami Ronny, as most of Bhopal had come to know him […]

FICTION: Seven Ways of Looking at a Backhoe

It was evening all afternoon. It was snowing    And it was going to snow.    The blackbird sat    In the cedar-limbs. —Wallace Stevens, “Thirteen Ways of […]

FICTION: A Town of Sharks

When I first moved to Ashbourne, New York, I wasn’t alarmed to find parents raising their young in tanks. Parents have always been raising their […]

Sophie Henry
FICTION: Eighteen

I thought it was a joke when Tyler told me he wanted to get married, so I laughed — a real loud, full belly cackle […]

FICTION: I Get Misty

My special-occasion soap, the lemon verbena with the exfoliating beads, was not behind the half-empty Free and Clear conditioner bottle where I’d left it, which […]