The Race (A Farce)

Dull seconds markZd an eternity, So slowly doth the hands move o’er the face; Ne’er seen was clock of like austerity, Forgiving none, with tir’some […]

Then said Almitra, ‘Speak to us of Love’

They say it started with a rumor. And so it did. In the pungent city of Dhaka, as sugarcane sellers peddle down the street between […]

Dreams don’t always come true (nope, uh-uh)

Bill carefully slid the cloth back and forth four times. Four slow wipes with a clean, white rag. Four wipes a night, five nights a […]

Another on the Same — Wallace Prize Winner, Fiction

Mrs. Kroplick, as everyone agreed, must not have realized that she was dying. For if she had, she would certainly have planned the funeral arrangements […]


“Sometimes it’s best not to avoid the God-awful truth and just –“ Louisa James was not pausing from her work as she frankly uttered the […]

A pocketful of pebbles

They both seem out of place. In the middle of a depressed coal mining town in Appalachia, in the center of a spacious room, the […]


They say that you can never dream your own death, but last night I dreamed mine. I was driving along the Sawmill Parkway, a passenger […]

You have your whole lives ahead of you

This is where she finds herself. On a corner, under a lamp, night, drizzling, waiting, Paris; the Hediard patisserie and a Burberry store closed behind […]